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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back from vacation! South Dakota antique shopping

 Hi guys! Back from vacation. We went to SD to visit family and to attend our nephew's wedding. We also squeezed in a bit of antique shopping. I left this behind and regret it..4 huge ceiling tin tiles. NOW I realize what a cool headboard piece this would have made..shoot.I was stuck in buy to sell mode not buy for Julia mode.

 These lightning rods were cool..most had sun purpled glass globes.

 This is one of my fav spots, Frost Antiques in rural Redfield, SD. It is on a farm and they have a trailer and some sheds of antique and vintage items.

 Loved this..if it would have fit on the Explorer I may have brought it back..not sure if I could have convinced Ed though. I'd love it for a bathtub! Zinc with a wooden rim..too cool.

 Lots of old metal farm implement wheels..

 and barn cupolas in the background.

 Red Wing pottery..very hot in the Midwest, but you don't see it much in TN and it is in less demand here.I have a few I used to use for brining sweet pickles. My gramma made sauerkraut in my mouth is watering!

 I found this cool old tin sign. I actually met Richard..he is now passed, but he was my also now passed on Aunt Edith's "special man friend". They were both widowed but spent years going out to eat and dancing together in their later years.

 This room had tins and toys. The next was graniteware and crocks.

 Farm-y things..
More..I cannot even remember what we bought here! LOL..I'll have to rediscover it when I unpack the boxes. We also went to an antique /farm auction one day and got more goodies. Too bad my space was limited!More tomorrow, stop back! Til then, Julia

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