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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Vintage doll treasure trove

 Hi guys! More pix of the vintage dolls we bought this weekend..ok..SORT OF pix of dolls. Mostly pix of boxes as that is were most of them still are. This was trip 2 and a view of the back of our Explorer. The USPS boxes are from where the former owner had bought them off EBay in the early 2000's. Some still even have the receipts with all the info on them..a big help to me!

 Ed, our 12 year old Jack and I loaded boxes at the auction house for almost 3 hours in of course the hottest part of the day..over 90 degrees! Ed got stuck loading the kiln and molds..over a hundred of them! Most went in the trailer, a few in the vehicle.

 Our trailer is 12 foot by 6 foot by 6 foot... and it was THIS full!

 I did not want to leave them in a hot trailer so we spent last night and this afternoon unloading.

 I wanted to go through every box but I did not have that time. They were just glanced at to separate the vintage from the newer bisque/porcelain dolls that the former owner had made and all the pieces parts. Then stacked in storage.

 It was SO HOT in there!

 There were some old porcelain heads and some old kid bodies too.

 OK..this one is a bit creepy. I do recall seeing some reeeally creepy ones when I was loading.

 Jack is a bit skeeved (PS..these are not the creepy ones..they are still lurking in the boxes)

 Some of these will go on EBay and some to my Etsy shop and probably even some to my booth..divide and concur! (that is a Snow White head)

Some are damaged and going to the "creepy head" box. Some are missing a wig or the wig is a bit "Albert Einstein"..but who am I to judge! I am going to be researching and photographing for quite awhile! 

Totally random pic..I saw this albino stinkbug stomping up the garden hose while I was out there..the markings look like a little alien headed doll in a dress holding her hands in front of her! What a coinkydink! I'll be sharing more doll photos as I go along and other things too, so stop back! 'Til next time! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow oh wow! What a buy I know some of those creepy doll bits and pieces are hot right now! I bet you will make a killing on resale!


Stephanie said...

Amazing. Love the Snow White head. And are some of those meant to look like Shirley Temple, or was that just the style at the time?

hopeandjoyhome said...

There are tons of Shirley Temple and Shirley "look alike" dolls..there really was almost an unhealthy obsession with that "poor" little girl!