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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Girls, Girls, Girls! Vintage doll apalooza

Oh . My . Gosh.  We went to an antique sale this weekend and I think I am now officially "The Crazy Doll Lady" ..or maybe my husband is! I bought a ton of vintage dolls. Most are composition and there are some others. We packed the Explorer and I have to back tomorrow with the TRAILER to get the rest. I don't eve know what all we bought. We went because the antique sale details said vintage dolls and doll parts. I figured I wasn't a doll expert so I'd miss out on most of the dolls, but I was hoping to get the rough dolls and parts to sell on Etsy for art parts or fixer-uppers. Holy Cripes.Did I mention I got a kiln and around 150 molds too? There were tons of Shirley Temple and Shirley Temple "type" dolls and lots more.

I know I got a couple Armand Marseille dolls. I also bought about 50 boxes at the end for one price that I haven't even gone through yet. The auctioneer said they were full of similar old dolls and parts to what I had bought and I could see into the top several on the pile that he was not kidding so I bought them. (yikes) 

This is a large Simon & Halbig baby (no hair or pate) I think they call this a "character doll". "He" reminds me a bit of my nephews as babies. Some find old dolls creepy. I did buy a few creepy ones,but from what I have seen on line, creepy sells..and the creepier the better for some people! I shall try to get some pix tomorrow. Stop back and see what I find..I'll be digging through boxes for weeks! Til next time! Julia

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Melissa said...

I love old dolls too...funny that your husband might be the creepy doll lady ;) Sounds like you scored some really rare finds and special bits! I'm with you: creepy sells. You made a good call in picking up the creepy ones too!