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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Antique sale and Day lilies

 Hi guys! We went to another antique sale this weekend. As stated in my last couple posts, I just bought a trailer full of vintage dolls so I wasn't too gung ho about getting more things. My husband was though and my choices were send him alone and pay the consequence of his unescorted buying, or suck it up and go with.

 The sale was 2 1/2 hours away at an older general store, barn and home. The store was charming. It was on a winding road in a "holler" (small valley) and had been closed since the 80's. Some of the contents were much older than that!

The cases and fixtures were awesome. (Not that I needed cases or fixtures) We were hoping for decent prices, but a LOT of things went high. There were a LOT of locals with memories of the place who wanted "a piece of it" and had apparently plenty of cash. Sentimental buyers are hard to outbid!

 So we bought what we could. I got almost 2 dozen pairs of vintage 1940's new in box leather ladies shoes. I think those will be a fun find. Ed got some things I haven't even got a chance to see yet.

He bought a bunch of gears in the barn that unfortunately were stolen before we could pick them up. Boo. At this sale, the auction company said you could not pick up your items until you paid and I heard quite a bit of grumbling at the end about missing items. The sale people took it off your bill, but it was irritating and disappointing to deal with. Usually you get your things immediately and have a "pile" or load them and pay at the end. They have your driver's license and info so walking off and not paying is not advisable.  Oh well!

LOL..this was my view most of the day. It rained 3-4 times through the day so at least with our things inside, they were dry if not secure. One time it absolutely poured and was coming in sideways under the tents for a bit. I was waiting for a lightning strike or the auction's computers to crash, but we made it through! Never a dull moment. 

 They ran the sale by lot numbers and went in order and you had a list. They put the pictures of the lots up on a large screen, so you did need to go see things first to know what you were actually buying. Not my favorite style of auction! I wandered off in dull spots and took some pics of the day lilies at the house.

                      They had quite a large flower bed.

 Day lilies only bloom for a day (or 2) and then wither.

 They have a lot of buds though and put out fresh flowers for quite awhile.

 Plainer orange ones grow wild in the ditches in places in East TN. This type has ruffled edges.

 These were so velvety they looked almost black in person. (The spots are raindrops)

 At the end of the sale a lot of people had left and they were down to auctioning the things in the basement. They auctioned a 3 tiered wooden plant stand and "all the stuff on it and around it" and couldn't get a bid so I elbowed Ed and he and another lady bid $1 at the same time and the auctioneer said SOLD and said the other lady's bidder number so I thought "Oh well". Her husband came up to Ed when we were loading and said, "If you want that you can have it for $1..I told her we don't need it!" So he gave him a buck and I went down to start loading. I thought it was 4 feet long but it was 6 feet long. It was covered with a bunch of those plastic hanging baskets and pots and there were some terracotta pots. When I started unloading it, I started finding vintage McCoy & Shawnee planters and flower pots..there were 14!

 The bench was a lot older than I thought too.  There were  about 50 or more terra cotta pots I hauled out too. The McCoys are dirty and I need to wash them and see what sort of shape they are in. I did see one was chipped, but the rest looked pretty good! So that is what I am doing this Monday .. cleaning pots! So stay tuned..more pics to come! 'Til next time! Julia

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