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Monday, February 16, 2015

Snow Day!

 Hi guys! Actually these first 2 pics are from 2 days ago when we got minutes of snow. Which in East TN is pretty much a novelty.

 Big beautiful flakes, gone in minutes..

 Today came the is still raining, sleeting, ice-ing as I type. Ice is troublesome, can be deadly, but is beautiful!

 Everything from weeds to grass takes on a coat of diamonds... I was trying to snap a few pics without slipping and falling!

 Wild rose hips are a spot of color in the neutral winter landscape.

 I don't know exactly WHAT this horrible weed is..the flowers are yellow and the seeds are horrible..they stick to you at the slightest provocation. Maybe some sort of wild marigold? The ice turned them into pretty little starbursts!

 A vintage insulator that tops my grape arbor...

 Even lowly chicken wire takes on a coat.

 My great grandpa's barn cupola wearing an icy necklace....

Even the weeds in my sleeping garden look pretty!

A final touch of green to remind myself that Spring is right around the corner! Hope you all are staying safe and warm! Til next time, Julia

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