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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More upcycled vintage tin hearts and a new find

 Hi guys! These are a few of the upcycled vintage tin hearts I have been working on.

 I was inspired by mid 1800's folk art..the heart shapes, the zig zags, and the colors. The tin is from antique farmhouse tin roofing tiles. I left the original colors.

 There are rusty scrolled wire handles and vintage keys with crystal chandelier prism buttons.... because there has to be bling!

 The black pieces are colored vintage tart tins that I snip and fold. The hardware bits are also vintage.

 The hearts are edged with vintage French dictionary paper with scalloped edges.

 I love hearts and feel they are a year 'round decorating item. These would add a subtle bit of color to a cottage chic or farmhouse decor and would also work with primitive decor.

The "key to my heart" motif makes them great for a wedding or anniversary also.

 This is one of my fav finds from this weekend ( I am a bit It came from the estate I got all the feedsacks from in my last post. It is vintage rusty wire rack..not sure of the original purpose. It is too light to have been a door mat...maybe a baking cooling rack?

For ME it is going to be a clip board. I am going to add some mini clothes pins and hang it in my studio! We haven't got the trailer unloaded from the Indiana antique auction yet. When I do I will be sharing more pics of some of the finds. Stop back! 'Til next time..Julia


Teena Stewart said...

I love your creative reuse of the tins. I do alot with creative reuse too. Hardest thing I ever cut with tin snips was license places. I'll never do that again. LOL.

Vanessa said...

I -love- mixed media. those are beautiful :) I have a whole giant box with pieces I want to make into mixed media art one day. Eeek...

hopeandjoyhome said...

Thanks! I have to try to control my "ooooh..I could make something out of this" saving of bits or the "Hoarders" show would come knocking at my door! LOL