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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mixed media vintage tin hearts, vintage baby clothes and yet another snow day!

Hi guys! Yet another snowy day in East TN..or as the North calls it..Tuesday. I am sharing some of my latest creations and finds and some more snow day pix.

 I made these with vintage roofing tin tiles and more vintage and new elements. This one has a German glass glitter star and an aqua heart..I think this is my fav of all the ones I made.

 This one is very "white decor". I think "white decor" is beautiful, I'd just never be able to pull it off. Reasons..1. husband and son, 2. the pooches 3. the first thing I'd do would be add a magenta pillow!

 The heart is vintage bingo card and the star is vintage French dictionary text.

 I have dipped into some of the goodies we got in Jan. to list! I really like vintage baby sweet!

 They are cute for decor!

 This pair is actually an orthopedic pair to straighten curved baby feet. They would have attached to a metal bar that also helped to straighten ankles. (My cousin had some in the 70's..these are older)

 This cutie already sold..great for a 4th of July or beach cottage vignette.

 This coral dotted Swiss one also has bloomers..approx WW2 era.

 This one is on its way to a photographer in MN!

 I like the small white christening dresses too.

 3  hanging in a sweet! I like alternative "art" for my walls.

 You can't see it here but this one has a tiny embroidered bunny at the neckline. I made these small hangers from twigs and wire. They are a better "fit" than new hangers.

 The tiny slips are cute too! I think they would also make a great mixed media textile "base"..hmmm.

 This is outside today. There was no snow yesterday. Jack hasn't had school for over a week!

 This is a long way from drinking a glass of wine and putting my feet up!

 My long and winding road..

 It really is pretty! Those are the Smoky Mountain foothills in the distance. I am a "Valley Girl" between the Smoky and the Cumberland ranges.

 My deck buddies..if you feed them, they will come! A woodpecker..

and an Eastern Towhee. We also have cardinals, Blue Jays and a flock of little birds. Hope you are staying warm! Until next time! Julia

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