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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Day part 2

 A quick post. We had a 22 hour power outage after my last post.It continued to rain,sleet and freeze. We had candle light card games and listened to trees creaking and breaking and crashing and decided to call it a night!

 My husband and I took a walk this afternoon around the yard and down the driveway while I took pix. I think he was making sure I didn't wipe out and lay someplace until missed!

 The ice is 1/2 inch thick. It did not melt today and tomorrow is supposed to be windy..hope we don't lose power again!

 I am afraid there will be a lot of trees going down.

  I wish these photos could have captured the sparkling beauty of this ice!

 It was quite breathtaking.

 Even the angel wasn't spared.

 Snow day pix sometimes look black and white.

 Even though they are not!

 The neighbor's hayfield.

 I had a brisk run up there this morning trying to corral our naughty pups who ran off.

 They like to bark at the neighbor's cows so we generally keep them enclosed. They were girls gone wild!

 My grape vine..and a bit of morning glory vine...morning glory you plant once and it comes back for years even though it is an annual. It is a prolific re-seeder.

 This looks like a glass sculpture!

A roll of fence. Hope you all are warm and safe and crossing my fingers for tomorrow! Til next time! Julia


Mechelle said...

Our power went out three times briefly, then it went out for about forty minutes. After I went to bed my husband told me our power came back on. Many other people were not as fortunate to regain power as quickly. It is so odd seeing the weight of ice on all of these trees where I live as well.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, i have heard about all of the storms! So much damage and at the same time gorgeous...It does not seem like it should go hand in hand??


Pollyanna said...

What beautiful pictures! It's a wonderland!