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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcycled sheet music wreaths French book page Wreaths

Hi guys! These are my latest 3 wreaths. This one is antique sheet music and vintage French to English dictionary pages. It has crystal glitter on the edges of the smaller cones. The center is aqua floral scrapbook paper, vintage Mozart sheet music, and one of my handmade paper flowers. Sometimes I make things that for one reason or another do not work out for what I wanted them for. Sometimes I go in another direction or sometimes after I figure out how long it took to make it I decide not to do it "whole hog". I never throw those bits away, I save them and use them in different projects. That is where the centers of all these wreaths came from!
I think I originally decided to go bigger with these flowers, but this one works great here! I love aqua and coral pink together.
This one has the same style base with silver glitter and Vintage French sonnet book pages pleated and swirled.
The center is a melted satin and chiffon rosette with a vintage pearly accent. I made these for hair clips and for some reason changed my mind. Perfect fit here!
This one is bigger. I used all sheet music on the base of this.
The center is faded red polka dotted scrapbook paper, some vintage red and white toile wallpaper I found this summer that I LOVE and a middle of a singed chiffon flower and stacked mother of pearl buttons. Again.. something I was going to make into a pin or clip and never finished. I haven't listed this one yet, I have to see if it fits in my will be close! Hope you are having a great week and turning your lemons into lemonade! Thanks for stopping by! 'Til next time! Julia


Pamela Bates said...

Perfectly wonderful!

Tisha said...

How beautiful.
Visiting from Etsy blog team.

Tabitha said...

so creative! Love these:)

debbi@yankeeburrowcreations said...

these look wonderful!

Fancy said...

These are very sweet. Love them!