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Sunday, October 16, 2011

New projects

Hi guys! These are some things I made this week. The first 3 are upcycled wooden bowls. My husband brought me some shabby mid century wooden salad type bowls at an estate sale last weekend. I painted them with chalk paint (home made) and decoupaged on my graphics.
These feathers are actually peacock feathers..not the usual tail feathers but wing feathers. I like the graphic black and white stripes! These are actually scanned images of the same 2 feathers, I just made them different sizes and mirror imaged some in Print Shop before I printed them. The eggs are from an antique print that I scanned and printed, trimmed and applied.
This is some more of the feathers and a photo of mine of a nest and eggs.
The bowls were those shallow nesting ones.
On the blue one you can see the surrounding paper a bit..which isn't bad, but I may try clear decal paper next time.
This is one of my fav pics. You could really add whatever image or photo image you wanted. I was going to add text pieces that said "Nest"around the rim but decided to leave these as is.
I got this cool drawer at the same sale. It was aqua but only the front was painted. I painted it with aqua chalk paint and added a vintage label holder.
And some pretty scrapbook paper on the inside.
I love these little cup pulls!
This could be used to hold CD's or whatnot as a drawer, or stood on end....
Or if you added hanging hardware it could be mounted on the wall as both something to put things IN and a shelf to put things ON! I love repurposing vintage "junk" I think you end up with cooler things than you could buy in a store! On another note, my 9 yr old son had fall break this week. We went bowling and my 3 yr old grandson Hunter beat both of us rolling the ball granny style. He bowled a 96 and I had an 86 and Jack had a 79..and yes that was WITH gutter guards! I told my daughter the next day that my butt cheek hurt from bowling..she said, "You are supposed to use your hands!" LOL. Tonight we made a bonfire and toasted marshmallows. Quite the process but they had fun. It made me think I really need to take advantage of this time when they are little! I know my "big kids" were just little the other day and now they are 27, 23 and 20! Hope you had a great week and stop back! Til next time! Julia


Mary Richmond said...

your bowls are simply gorgeous!

Lars John Anderson said...

Hi Julia,

Sorry it took so long to respond to the beautiful comment you left on my blog over my sweet daughter. Hugs to you too for what you missed with your son... but it certainly is a special connection the two of you have now, isn't it?