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Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend finds

Hi guys! I wanted to share a few things that we found this weekend. My Saturday started with a husband had told me I had a church finance meeting at 9 so I was grumpy that I was going to miss out on all the estate sale-ing. I got there to find a deserted parking lot only to be told by my husband..Oops..maybe that was NEXT Saturday! Grrrrrr... So I chalked it up to the Lord once again testing my patience (and me failing) and headed for the estate sale my husband had already been to..but said I may want to see. We have similar tastes about some things but I do NOT trust him to buy everything that I would! LOL He circled back and met up with me there. He had already got this (above) banquet lamp. It has a milk glass shade also. These pics today are not my best..not staged or anything..I just wanted to snap a few quick pics after I hosed these babies off! I plan to paint this one a shabby white, cover the candle sockets with decorative paper (probably text of some sort) and rewire it. I may swap out the glass shade if I can find one I like better.
These were a find and a steal of my husbands..he does have good taste sometimes! LOL They are metal strap "bounce" chairs from the 50's. They are in fab shape..all they need is a pretty pillow!
I am sort of a split personality when it comes to what I like in vintage. I like pretty and I like primitive junky industrial..this falls into category 2! This is a cute little orange wooden stool with really cool metal casters that are lurking in the grass here. We also got some big metal casters and pulleys. There were cool metal drawers full of old rusty nuts, bolts, washers and whatnot..which I like! I plan to sort the hardware into the really cool bits and do big lots of the rest. I even liked the drawers. There is this cute little galvanized zinc one and several green metal ones with handles. There was also an aqua wooden one that I would have bought even if it had been full of cow patties! (It luckily wasn't!) That one is on my table as we "speak" waiting for some further embellishments from my stash of cool vintage metal bits.
After I cleaned this up I discovered it had a couple tiny pin holes (boo) but is solid copper!!! (YAY!) I just liked the handles on it!
This was just pretty! It would be fab painted, but I am just listing this one as is (for once!)
This was one of Ed's finds and must admit I totally eye rolled him..(and maybe said Ewwww!) After I washed it up though I saw its faboo patina and started seeing its potential as a cool candleholder! (it is actually a porchlight and hangs the other way)
2 old perfumes bottles.I doubt the dove stopper is original to this is a bit loose and the bottle actually has a pontil mark on the bottom marking it as an older bottle. She had some L'air Du Temps perfumes and I thought maybe this was an older one, but I think it is a "put together"...L'air Du Temps stopper and older bottle. The other bottle is an older crystal one with a polished bottom and is probably leaded crystal. Both these have ground stoppers..just pretty!
THESE make my heart go pitter patter! They are Victorian Eastlake era doorknobs. They are sometimes brass but these are rusty iron and I like them just as well!
This was a joint buy.."Hey Hon..what about this? it!" LOL..I think it is a part of a wood or metal lathe ..just too cool. I have already listed this!
A few vintage pins. I took pix and then decided I really need to clean these and retake the pix! They are quite dusty. The starburst is Sarah Coventry..the rest are fab unsigned mid century pieces. They are sitting on a Royal Paisley dessert stand. It is a Japan piece and not high end but I think it is pretty! Lots more goodies to share..I have to get more pix taken! It is supposed to rain tomorrow and I think I will be painting tables in my kitchen! I got 2 round ones that I want to paint clock faces least that is the current plan! Until next time! Julia

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