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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Upcycled tart tin ornaments

 Hi guys! These are a few of the ornaments I have been working on lately.

 This one has a vintage rhinestone jewelry center.

 A vintage earring...

 Some have vintage and antique prayer card images..this one with vintage mercury glass beads

 These started a few years ago with ornaments I made with a stash of vintage tincan lids I ran across at an estate sale. I ran out of the old tin so I started using vintage tin and aluminum tart tins.

 This one has a head I molded from paperclay..I used on old doll head to make a mold.

 I just snip and hammer and fold and snip some more and layer until it is something I like. This one has an added vintage chandelier prism.

 I also use vintage brass lighting pieces, but my supply of those is waning..I will have to find a "new" vintage supply.

 The rhinestone accents are new... everything else is vintage.

I am inspired by Catholic altar pieces and antique South west tin. I'm getting ready for an antique show this weekend and getting ready to paint walls, ceiling and trim and refloor our living room, dining room..hall..and kitchen. I am tired already and haven't started yet!When I get going I will have some pix.Stop again! Til next time! Julia


Sharon said...

My mother would have loved your Catholic-inpsired ornaments. Great work!

Ryan said...

These are so pretty!