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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September morn

 Hi guys! I have been MIA for a bit..I have been here, but been busy! I have done a couple shows and been busy in the on what I have been making next post. It was foggy this morning and I am a weirdo that loves the romantic! So I grabbed my phone and walked down my driveway. These morning glories are "volunteers" that are growing next to my carport.

 The long and winding (and rutted) road of my driveway..

 I heard Canadian geese flying over. There is a large flock  in town that just lives here year 'round. I guess they got tired of migrating and just said "Screw it..we're staying!".. does that make them Tennessee geese? Maybe just lazy geese..or smart geese!

 A dewy spiderweb..

I've been likin' lichen lately! An underdog of the "plant" world.

 So pretty!

 A few straggling wild daisies in the ditch.

 Back up the driveway. I was telling myself I need to walk this a few times every morning..I haaaate exercise though! (and not a big fan of mornings..although they are pretty!)

 More moss and lichen...

 I like to find natural heart shapes.

 A wild pink morning glory..

 Some purple ones growing on a trellis of mine. With my cancer this spring and summer, my garden was an ignored was on its own! I planted tomatoes in a stone built in planter that runs the length of our garage..those things went jungle crazy! Still picking. Best tomato plants I ever had. They had an eastern exposure..maybe they like a bit of shade in the afternoon!

 A dahlia ..I generally only like scented flowers but these take care of themselves..a big plus for me!

One of a few straggling September roses in my favorite pink. Apparently beauty is right there in front of you every just have to venture out and look! Hope you have a great week! Til next time! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Fog gives me the creeps...Possibly a few to many horror shows in my teens lol! Great pictures, I love your long driveway, your property must be gorgeous.