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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vintage dolls and doll parts

 Hi guys! I have started opening boxes of the old dolls I bought last month. I'm sharing a few here today. I am not by any means a doll expert..just know enough to be dangerous. The one above is an Arranbee Nancy doll. She is Composition with a stuffed body. Composition was a doll making material usually consisting of sawdust, plaster, fillers and glue made into a dough and pressed into molds. Each manufacturer had their own "secret recipe".

This is also an Arranbee Nancy doll..a definite style difference.. She is marked Nancy on her neck. She is going to EBay, the red dress Nancy is going to my Etsy shop.

 I figured out this one is a Madame Alexander. Circle with a plus sign mark (so much research!) She has tin eyes and an open mouth with teeth. I love her crazy mohawked remnant of a wig..she has stories to tell. I think she is starting on EBay as I have no clue to value. A new wig and clothes and she could be cute again.

 I listed several of these American Character Tiny Tears heads in my Etsy shop. Some were hard plastic with hair and a couple were composition. The no eyes makes it creepy. This would be great Halloween decor with a battery tea lite inside! Etsy artists use them to upcycle into altered and assemblage art pieces. I have more heads than I can use, but I plan to "play" with a few too!

 These are a few I unboxed today. I have to research a bit and decide which direction they are going.

 Most don't creep me out, but there are a few I know from boxing them up that are lurking someplace that are quite creepy!

 Poor dead eye Shirley here is a bit creepish..but those cute dimples!

 Pretty aqua eyes..

 I remember this one being marked Horsman.

 This is a crazy one I have on EBay. The eyes move when tilted. I think she may be a Campbell Kid or a spin off of a Kewpie? Dolly Dingle? I couldn't find anything like her online.

 This cute composition Shirley is in my Etsy store.She has some paint cracking under her hairline, but still cute. Her eyes are tin.

 This is a Madame Alexander doll head on a not Madame Alexander doll body..not sure where to go with this one.

 This is a matching one to the Shirley above w/ the pink ribbon. She is on EBay.

 An unmarked Shirley Temple or knock off. She is hard plastic and large. She is on EBay too. Her head can tilt.

 A couple bins of arms legs and bodies..yikes.

Most of these will be going to my Etsy shop in pairs or lots if they are singles. Lots of work ahead! Stop in again and see what else I find! Julia

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Almost Precious said...

Wow, you certainly have collected a lot of dolls and doll parts. When I was a child I recall a neighbor of ours made dolls and had all sorts of doll parts, some new and many old. She'd restore the old heads, repaint them, put on new wigs, insert new eyes. Her finished dolls were lovely but she put in a lot of work, from refurbishing the doll to sewing their beautiful costumes.