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Friday, November 28, 2014

Upcycled tart tin ornaments, bottle brush trees and vintage goodies

 Hi guys! I'm sharing what I have been working on lately.

 I made these for a custom order for a store.

 (but if she decides she has enough already they will be available shortly)

 I make these with vintage tart tins..

 Vintage lighting bits..

and vintage chandelier prisms.

 They have antique prayer card images..

 and German glass glitter..

 Some have additional pearls or beads..

 Each is a bit different!

 I also add text "tiles" to most ..I leave a few plain as not everyone is into text as much as I am! camera skills are lacking..I swear they are in focus when I take them!

 Mostly these are Madonna and child images, a few just Jesus.

 The "icon" style images work well with the ornate look of the metals.

 I also have been hip deep in bristle brush trees! I made a slew of them. (Note the gold frame and the ornaments are finds from last weekend that are now a photo prop! LOVE that frame!)

 I generally do them in pinks, aqua greens and cream..

There is glitter and mica EVERYWHERE. It gets on the floor in my studio and then on my socks and then throughout the house! I see it crop up on the pups and my husband and son...I don't want to know how much I have drank in my coffee! lol

 I also got these last weekend..vintage hand cut tincan Christmas trees, stars/snowflakes and an angel..I may have squealed with delight a bit!

 Some I listed, some I saved for patterns and further "upcycling".

I also got a bag of old tutus..this is my fav. Not all were pink..some were more "jazzy". This one is in my Etsy shop, the rest went to my local booth. I have one more pink one with what appears to be a Coca-Cola stain down the front that I am going to attempt to either remove (or just tea stain the whole shebang). I survived Thanksgiving..just the 5 of us as our 2 older kids are out of state..on the up side, I didn't have to "company clean"..just cook! Hope you had a great turkey day. Count your blessings! Til next time, Julia

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