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Monday, December 1, 2014

Bottle brush trees and upcycled vintage jewelry

 Hi guys! Just a few pix..I am still knee deep in bottle brush trees..making, selling and relisting. This last batch had a few aqua blue ones..pretty!

 I made a bunch to fill in what sold and also to take some uptown to my booth...a lady came in a few days ago and bought every one I had in there!

Mini sugarplum forest! I was up til midnight working on these so the lighting is not the best!

 I also made a few necklaces for my booth. These are made from vintage tin doll spoons or ice cream parlor spoons..I think they were used before the disposable wooden ones?? I ran across a bunch this summer and thought they would be great for upcycling.

I also love the old patina on these. I took these to my booth..I am a bit cautious about listing them on Etsy...there is just SO MUCH JEWELRY on there..I used vintage chandelier buttons, rusty mini keys, new charms and rhinestones..I love the bling! I priced them $20 so if you see one you want, message me in my Etsy shop and I will go fetch it if it is still available and list it for you! There is Queen Bee, Junk Diva(key), Go Big, Sing (bird charm), Bless Your (heart charm) Roar (I was having a Katy Perry moment..better to roar than dream!) and one that says Loved with a heart charm. I am clearing the decks a bit from the Christmas things and moving into stuff I had had on the back burner for awhile. Stop back and see what I have been up to! Til next time! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Your bottle brush trees are adorable in a gorgeous rainbow of eye catching, I can see why they all sell!!