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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Studios news..barn stars, lamp shades and mannequin heads

Hi guys! I wanted to share what I have been up to in my new studio lately. I am not going to is still a mess of boxes and stacks and piles. I have sorted through the stacks and arranged them by type,but still not organized..I think I need a whip and a chair! Oh well..for me it is not about how cute my studio is (luckily) and I am happily working away there!  I made some new smaller barn stars. This started with a custom order of the above star in a smaller than my usual size. These are 12" across. This is my fav..vintage yummy. I made an extra to list in my Etsy shop.

 Then being me, I made these too. I cannot make just one of anything! I love the vintage maps on this one..pale dusty aqua, creamy yellow and borders of orange-y red. We are planning  (I am planning!) to repaint our house and this is an interesting color combo. Maybe for my bathroom. I love aqua, but am planning on shades of green for the living room/hall/entry at this point..until I change my mind again! My daughter's friend gave me crap about how long I have had paint chips taped to my walls..I have been trying to talk myself into trendy grey, but I am just. not. a grey girl. Pretty..but I need color! (Maybe in the kitchen..hmmm.)

 This one I made with vintage Bach sheet music. The apple was from an experiment I was doing son Jack and I picked several varieties from the grocery to find our favorite..and the consensus was they were all good! I believe I did end up paying $1.55 for ONE apple though ..holy cripes! You have to watch those "per pound" prices when you are buying big apples!

 This is one of my "tutu" lamp shades. I make these with vintage lamp shades, tulle and millinery type velvet flowers. I make those into clips to be removable.

 I made some of these smaller chandelier/ sconce/ candlestick lamp type shades too. These are a heavy grainsack linen with ivory chiffon rose trim.

 This is a custom order I am working on for a in Louisiana. These are ornaments I make from tart tins and antique and vintage brass lighting bits..not done yet here.

 This is a cigar box purse that landed in my studio this week..I made it a year or so ago and it never sold so I guess it is just mine now. It is a quote that is pretty much the story of my life! I guess it will keep me company and store things.

 This is what I was working on today. I had a request for a mannequin head that I sold awhile back. (This one is papered in Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice slows me down because I read as I glue!)

 I had noticed that the original had gotten a lot of repins on Pinterest..who knows if that is "Ooh..I want to make that/ Isn't this cool/ or Isn't this odd!" This one is 1924 French dictionary pages.

 The lady requested pattern paper which I have done previously..and as mentioned, I never make one of anything!

 Here they are with some face paint and no hair.

 This one's eyes are really blue. I don't go for total realism, I think that would be creepy..I just paint them how I want. The eyes tend to be unusually large, the lips pouty and lipsticked and the eyebrows skinny and always slightly uneven (dang it). Maybe they just smell what The Rock is cookin'? Or maybe they just have a sarcastic outlook on life. Really? Seriously??

 Brown eyed girl..

 The lines on the pattern ones are interesting..a bit like the plastic surgery lines I have seen on people on reality shows' faces.

 A nip here..a dart there...this gal is a green eyed red head.

I think this one may be my fav. I still need to do some more work on the lips and maybe more "blush" and seal them and name them, but enough done for today! Stop back again and see what else I've been up to. Until then..good night! Julia


Anonymous said...

Great work. I love the tin ornaments especially.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have to comment on the manniquen heads first....amazing, what talent to be able to paint the face! I love the stars too and the tart tins...Everything is amazing. PS: I would like to try grey too, but I can't talk myself into it, so I am thinking a blue grey?


Anonymous said...
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hopeandjoyhome said...
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hopeandjoyhome said...

The removed comment was spam..a dude saying he was an American man and why didn't like American women and would never marry one..not sure what that had to do with my little blog as
1. I have been married for 32 years and am off the market and
2. ewww.
3. are spamming a little crafty blog with 147 followers..not exactly your target market
4.I replied "Let me speak for all American women and say Whew..thank GOD!"