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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekend Vintage Booty

 Hi guys! No ..not THAT kind of vintage booty, although I DO have one of those too! I hit several sales this weekend and boy did I have fun!  I want to share some of the stuff I got. These things will be going to Etsy, Ebay, my local booth and to the Knoxville Trade Days show the end of this month (and some to my supply hoarde...err stash!)

 Vintage millinery flowers..they need a steam and fluff.

Gobs of antique and vintage lace..

 Vintage hard plastic dollies...

 Vintage doll clothes hangers and clothespins..I love the colors of old plastic toys!

 Sparkly vintage jewelry bits for upcycling..

 I got sucked in by baggies of vintage toy bits...sooo fun!

Vintage Christmas was a bit higher priced but I did get a few things.

 Child sized  potato mashers and egg beaters..little girls(or boys) today do not have these cool things!

Bags of vintage crepe paper for projects and a bag of vintage paper hats to use for patterns!

 Ed got this cool art deco sconce. It had possibly one of the worst cords EVER but is very cool. I think maybe a flower pot or vase goes in the ring at the bottom!

Ed got me these because he knows how I am and he loves me! LOL..old rusty chair springs to upcycle.

 An old metal flower basket in the perfect green, extending lamp, tart tins, enamel bin, old weights, cool dominos and a plastic snowman..didn't notice the chip in his hat brim, but still cute!

 48 star flag, paper dolls, more large ornaments and an old cash ledger book.

This is what I spent the most on..a large piece of vintage barkcloth yardage in a amazing print. Not roses but this will make faboo totes or pillows!

 A cute vintage doggie mail holder and an adorable doll purse!

 There were not many hankies that were to my taste, but I got a couple. Underneath is old wool felt that I will dye further.

2 "letter" card games to upcycle, text-y dice game, poker chips, dominos, mini tart tins, lampbase..these blocks were still in their original packaging!I love things I can use to spell other things.

 A very cool game tin..alas some rust on the back but still very cool..and empty. I thought my chemistry major daughter might like this.

Nemadgi pottery vase.

This was a box Ed bought because I use the reflectors in my pieces..also had a cute bunny and other toy bits.

A drum I think I can fix with new cardboard and a trashed pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamo  suede shoes! The crepe soles have gone a bit odd and the suede is dirty..too bad, I think if they had been stored inside instead of in a shed they would have still been nice!

A cute pillow sham. a pink satin hanky box and 2 vintage in pink velvet! Plus a pair of 60's-70's enameled flower earrings in green and pink.

An old crate and tons of vintage swimming ribbons.

 Apparently I can never have enough red white and blue vintage scarves..this one is Italian. (I may already have one!)

 I got 3 old atlases this weekend. I love them for the old maps I use in my work.

 Vintage tablecloth..

Vintage Hawaiian shirt.

A few McCoy flower pots and flower frogs.

 I think this is an apple goes on a stick to get high up apples. Ed wants to make it into a light fixture!

 One totally cool and unusual quilt square..there were no others which is odd.It is a bulleye pattern with stars and is large and will make a great pillow front or framed piece..I need to see if I have a frame this size i n the shed!

 Vintage fabric...

 More flower frogs!!! Yay!!

 Old wooden hotel hangers..

This one has my maiden name of Hardie..a sign that I needed to buy!! LOL I have more things to take pix of and will be sharing more later. I had a great day, the weather was beautiful and I hope you have a great weekend too! Stop again! Julia 

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Hannah said...

Gorgeous finds, I love the assorted vintage jewelry bits, especially the turtle! You definitely have an eye for beauty.