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Thursday, April 10, 2014

More new projects French painted sign Union Jack pillow and Handpainted rooster pillow

 Hi guys! These are a couple more projects I have been working on. This is a sign I painted on a primitive small door. I think it may have covered a shed or barn window at one time..maybe a chicken coop door. I gave it a light wash of greige paint. I got the graphics from The Graphics Fairy ( I printed them out in print shop ( a $20 program..I got mine at Staples a couple years ago). I use the banner program as it allows for larger fonts. I actually printed this off in 4 pieces..the left side of the top 2 lines and then the right (then taped them together) and did the same thing for the bottom line. I covered the back with pencil lead as I didn't have any carbon paper and traced it on the door. I then darkened it a bit with pencil and then painted with acrylic craft paint. I sanded it a bit to distress it, antiqued it (a darker browny grey watered down wash wiped off immediately with babywipes) and speckled it with water thinned dark brown paint. I just use a stiff stencil brush dipped int the paint and run my thumb over it to flick paint old toothbrush would work too. I usually wax things to finish, but couldn't find my paste wax so I gave it a spritz of satin spray varnish.

 I think this loosely means Colonial produce Coffee and the proprietor's name. The has 2 cleats on the back so besides a sign, it would also work as a "tray". I like painting and need to do more..I used to paint a lot!

 This is a pillow I made from new burlap and vintage damask cotton tablecloth fabric. I dyed some grey and left some white. I added vintage cloth "stripes" If I do this again, I think I will add vintage lace to the white stripes. DIY SECRET...I stuff these with new poly fiberfill..I have found the cheapest source is to buy new pillows from Walmart or the dollar store..Usually you can get them standard size for $3 and it will make 2 fairly large square pillows. The bag of fiberfill in the craft department is usually twice that!

 I made this from a painted piece of muslin I had laying about. I painted several of these a few years ago and made them into pillows for my former shop. This one was just left behind for no apparent reason so...pillow time! I added a border of red and white gingham and the reverse is vintage blue and white pillow ticking. I am running low on my vintage ticking..need to keep my eyes peeled and fingers crossed for a new stash! Walmart has some new for about $7 or so a yard but I like using the vintage when I can!

 When I painted this I just painted a square of prep other than doing a wash for the background. I looked at an old chicken ordering catalog I had, drew a rough sketch in pencil and painted away! I added details with permanent markers. I doubt this is machine washable, but just keep it clean! I made a couple more pillows of vintage floral barkcloth and vintage ticking also..but they missed the photo session! I will probably list the pillows in my Etsy shop and take them to the show at the end of the month. I've got more things to make and not enough time! Have a great week! Til next time. Julia

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