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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vintage feedsack fabric and my colorful weekend

 HI guys! I have been missing the last week or so..not actually missing, just from the blog world! I have been working on new things for my shop and the upcoming show at the end of this month in Knoxville. I went estate sale-ing this week and look what I found!! Vintage feedack fabric..I loooove this stuff.  These are printed feedsacks from the 1930's-50's. I went to a estate sale of a lady who quilted and I knew..there is feedsack fabric in this house someplace!!

 I bought a stack of these when the estate sale opened on Thursday and went back on Friday when they opened up the second story (which they did not allow access to on day one) and found some more...and a room of bags and boxes of vintage fabric. I must've been in there an hour digging! (heaven!) Lots of ugly old polyester and there were also some good old pieces.

My clothesline is back in use! I got sets and sets of unused vintage embroidered pillowcases. They were tied up with ribbon as if the lady had made them and saved them to give for bridal showers. They needed a wash as a couple had a couple storage spots, so onto the clothesline they went. I had a couple that I thought would benefit from drying on the grass..but our green grass is still a small patch so I only had room for 2. I was hanging the rest on the line and heard a scritch, scritch, scritch and turned around just in time to see my dog Daisy had scratched them into a comfy "pile" with her muddy paws and was plopped down on them! Back into the washer!

 I need to do a last inspection and make sure everything came out and maybe do a bit of ironing (gasp!)

 This is a bit of the fabric I got. This was a wild 70's polyester shirting weight. I don't hate ALL polyester..just the boring stuff! This is definitely NOT boring! This kind of thing was in when I was in grade school and reminds me of those times.

 This piece was just SO Etsy! Not sure if I am selling it or using it. It has colored doily medallions  with deer and squirrels (!) in the middle and folky /sherenschnitte/ Hawaiian applique quilting style designs in the centers of others. At first glance sort of odd, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. The grey, pink, yellow, moss color scheme is so out it is in again!

 I love this is a bright orange taffeta with gold metallic and coral silky embroidery..I'm using this for something..maybe a tote for me!

 3 great unused paisley 1970's pillowcases... love these.

 There were 8 of these finished unused napkins and 4 more that were cut out but not out they are in! I have a lot more that I got that I will be sharing later.

 Ed and I took the boys to Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg. It was Spring Break week and we didn't have the time or desire to drive to the beach this year. We saw way more sealife than if we had! These polka dotted jellyfish were pretty.

 I was surprised to find myself inspired by the colors of many of the fish!

 The boys were happy to be going "somewhere and staying in a hotel with a pool"! The bigger one is our son and the little one is our grandson..they fight like brothers!

 They have a glass tunnel you walk through with sharks swimming over your head.

 I love how this pic turned out. I played with it in Picasa a looks like a painting!

 Schools of fish...

 I really liked this striped and dotted guy..but he was not being cooperative with my picture taking!

 So amazing the variety of all the fish..

 One more jellyfish..all I could think of was SpongeBob and Patrick! These guys were amazing to watch.

Last pic is of this crazy Dr. Seuss looking snail thingie..he looked like a feathery tree! So much color in my week. I have lots more to share, both finds and current projects so stop back soon! Have a great week! Julia


Unknown said...

Colorful weekend indeed! Great finds. And there's something I just love about shark tanks.

Almost Precious said...

You found a treasure trove at that estate sale. What a lovely stash of fabrics.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG I had heart palpitations just looking at your pictures...A dream estate sale..What a honey hole...All of those pillow cases and fabric...Oh my...These are the kind of sales I dream of! Congratulations!