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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee filter peonies, scrapbook flowers, singed roses, upcycled silk tie rosette projects!

Hi guys! I wanted to share what I have been working on the last couple weeks. These are paper peonies I make from coffee filters.

 I love how these turned out. I have a hard time cutting back to a few possible color combinations! I have figured out some new techniques on these.

 They are going to make my flea market booth "Springy" at the end of this month.

 These are more scrapbook paper flowers..definitely faux!

 The centers are a bit of French text and buttons...I held back from glittering these which is difficult for me to do!

I have fun picking my favorite prints. I have been dreaming of plaid flowers for a long time..finally found some cute plaid  paper!

 I use the double sided paper for these so they look good from all directions.

 These look good even as a single or small group of 3 plunked in an old antique bottle.

 These are singed satin and organza roses. I usually do beaded centers but came up with a different style center that I really like.

 These are clips, but if you wanted a pinback you could just put a safety pin wherever and clip this to the pin. I feel they are more versatile that way.

 Some of these may end up in my Etsy shop. I feel singed roses have been "done", but they are just so pretty! I am constantly torn between girlie girl pink uber feminine and colorful I do both!

 These are some bracelets I am working on. The rosettes are vintage silk tie fabric and the band is vintage cloth measuring tape. I am not really a jewelry maker, but my "things" can never stay in any one category!

 I think I may attach these to leather bands for more stability and I just think that would look cool! (Plus I have a ton of leather from an estate auction out in the shed)

The centers are sparkly glass beads. I have more painted items and some pillows to share also so stop back! Have a great week! Julia

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Unknown said...

I love those coffee filter flowers.