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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vintage style mannequin heads part 2

Hi guys! I got the paint on my latest batch of mannequin heads. This is my first attempt at man mannequins..

I like how they are turning out. The one on the left ended up looking a bit like our former priest Father Michael (except I don't think he had green eyes) so he will probably be christened Michael.(Now that he is on here he looks a bit like Tom maybe Thomas!) The dark haired dude got a bit thicker brows so he will be Colin in honor of Colin Farrell.

I did 3 different ladies...

She has cherry cola brown hair and green eyes...she looks like a Rita.

This one I did "natural" make  up and may still add a low "bun" in back.I want her to be an even older style, like an old general store mannequin.. I may name her Caroline in honor of Caroline Ingalls. I think she will get more antique-ing and maybe a bit of crackle finish.

I'm not sure about the blonde hair..she may get a haircolor change..or not. Sometimes I just have to get used to them a bit.

I like the texture. Her name will come to me when I decide she is done. They all need bases yet and sealing and antique-ing.

This guy was a special order and he is ready to be listed and sent to his new home. The customer already has one of my "girls" so he will not be lonely! I went to a good estate sale yesterday morning and have spent the last 2 days taking photos. Lots of new vintage Christmas items will be heading to my shop! This coming weekend, I have an antique show (The Gathering Show in Knoxville, TN ), so I will be spending this week picking and sorting and tote-ing things up to load. My husband Ed told me not to go overboard "as usual". Hmmm..we shall see! I hope you have a great week! 'Til next time! Julia

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