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Friday, August 9, 2013

Brown and Blue Spicebush butterflies, mannequin head and Oh man it's Friday..

Hi guys! I got these butterfly photos last night. I took the grand dog out for a walk and saw a bunch of butterflies fluttering on the buddleia  or.. aptly nicknamed.. butterfly bush. I got my camera and snapped a few dozen photos..only having one or 2 turn out of course! They were fluttering like mad. There were yellow swallowtails and these butterflies which Google image tells me are Brown and Blue Spicebush butterflies. (Thank heavens for Google!)

(this photo courtesy This is what a buddleia bush looks like. I started mine from a 3" plant a few years back. It quickly got huge and my husband got disgruntled and whacked it off at the roots..and I was then also disgruntled! It did come back and is once again up to roof line height. It is nicknamed butterfly bush for a really pulls them in! It looks a bit like a lilac bush and it comes in other colors, but I think purple is the most common.

 I noticed one butterfly stuck in a large spiderweb by the rain gutter drain spout.It took me a bit to free him as he was justifiably freaking out, battering his wings about. I got him loose and he flew off..a bit worse for wear, but not a spider's supper!

 Change of topic..I got one of my mannequin heads painted. This one was a custom order. I still need to antique and seal him and add a base. It has been like a sauna here lately and not conducive to applying spray sealer outdoors. When I went out last night, my glasses fogged over!

 Now for the Oh Man it's Friday part.. I was awoken this morning with my daughter freaking out that there was no water and HOW was she to get ready for work?! I got up and went downstairs to the electrical box to throw circuit breakers for the well pump but no good. Then I noticed her dog had taken a poo on the floor  by the front door sometime in the night about the same time I realized it was 10 after 8 and my alarm had not gone off and my son was late for his first day of school! Aakk! Let the fun morning begin! I called a couple plumbing just had a voice mail and the other said he'd be over. Since that was 7 hours ago and he never showed up, I don't think he'll be getting the job! My husband is now down there banging about, so hopefully he can figure it out. *sigh* So here is hoping you are having a better day than me! Overall, I have to step back and look and see how blessed we actually are, take a breath, and carry on! 'Til next time! Julia


Anonymous said...

Beautiful butterfly pictures! Wow! Good luck for a better day on Saturday!

Unknown said...

I have a garden of those was our old pool spot. they grow like crazy, we cut ours down every fall, and they still get about 6-8 feet tall by mid summer. we get those butterflies, and all kinds of cool moths.
sorry about your day...but you are blessed. :-)
and how do I get one of your manniquin heads?

hopeandjoyhome said...

HI Debbi! I'll be listing some in my shop eventually. I have 3 more girls and 2 more guys in the works.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh my gosh, so much going on, first I can't believe your son is back to school so early...I hope you have water by now (It always happens on a Friday) and I love your mannequin head. Oh, and you're a hero for saving the butterfly