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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Another Engagement! Map paper Roses and Vintage sheet music roses

This has been an exiting summer in our house. Our daughter got engaged last month, and this weekend our son proposed to his girlfriend! I guess next summer/fall will be even more exciting as there will be 2 weddings! Our future daughter-in-law is from Hawaii originally and they want to go there to exchange vows as her Gramma, who is very special to her, lives there and is in her 90's. Sooooo.. looks like after 31 years I may be getting a second honeymoon! When I mentioned that to my husband he said, "WHAT? Driving around the great state of Minnesota for a few days WASN'T a romantic vacation?!" lol Well, it was romantic because we were newlyweds, but in the greater scheme of honeymoons?  Hmmm..not so much! My husband's father passed away when my husband was 13 and my MIL passed away a couple years ago. We had her wedding ring and when our son asked if he could use it, I told him yes! He was close with his Gramma too and I know both she and my FIL would have approved! I told him the ring has good karma. Our other daughter and her BF graduate from college this spring. She already has a promise ring so I am waiting for THAT shoe to drop too!

I have been working on more vintage paper flowers for my handmade Etsy shop. I've made these before and just hadn't made any for awhile. They are not finished yet, I need to add longer stems and some leaves.

These are made from vintage Bach sheet music.

I also made more vintage map paper roses. I like how they look together.

I love using vintage things in a new way. I don't usually like to do special orders, but I figured I'd list a couple dozen in my shop and see what happens. Special orders are ok, but usually stress me out a bit! Plus I have been busy as heck lately and don't have much extra time.

Hmmm..wonder if I can talk my daughter into paper flowers?  Actually I am sure some will make an appearance at least in the decor! I have been burning up Pinterest lately looking for inspiration for weddings. We will have a smallish budget but I know I can make it pretty! May everything be coming up roses for you too this week! 'Til next time! Julia


Valerie said...

COngratulations! The flowers would be a lovely wedding addition!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, how exciting! Congratulations to everyone, Hawaii will be great fun! I actually honeymooned in Duluth Minnesota, I was 19 and that is about as exciting as honeymoons got then lol! I love your paper roses!


Your Invisible Crown said...

Those roses look amazing, hope you'll have a good weekend!