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Monday, August 12, 2013

Morning glories and Swallowtails

Hi guys! A couple quick pics from this morning. Oh yes..first..we have water again! The well guys showed up and at 10:30 Friday night (and $900 later) we had a new well pump installed and we had water! It makes you think about all those who DON'T have water or have to haul it a distance. A good reminder of how blessed we are. A good time to visit  and donate some money. It is easy to get caught up in your daily life and forget that no matter how bad your day is, there is always someone whose day is a lot worse! If you are interested, please visit that site. They are very good.

This morning after taking my son to school (on time!) I noticed the morning glories were "awake".

I'm not much of a morning person, so I don't always get out to greet them. It has been such a wet summer. I swear the grass is always wet..either dew or rain with "sauna" in between. We need to mow again and the grass is just going to be wet when we do it.

These are an annual vine. You plant the seeds in the spring and that is it..easy! They actually will take over and choke out other things if you are not careful. They also tend to reseed themselves and come back the next year.

These old aqua glass electric pole insulators are what I capped my fence posts off with. I just plopped them on top. It jazzes them up a bit..a pretty blue finial! I sold tons of these in my old store for $2 a piece. I saved a few to use in my garden and I also made votive candle chandeliers out of some. I need to clean a couple up and do that again!

One of my favorite old metal chairs. Time for a new coat of paint, but I do like them rusty and shabby. It is full of needles that the pesky cedar tree that overhangs this likes to drop.

This is one of the wild morning glories that grows in the trees next to our house..bigger than the ones I planted! Isn't that how it usually works?

I caught a couple more butterflies yesterday afternoon. These are yellow swallowtails.

I see a lot of these in my yard. I also saw the tattered butterfly that I rescued from the spiderweb the other day. He wouldn't let me get a pic, but he was back to sipping nectar. I hope your morning is full of glory! Until next time! Julia


Allison said...

What a fun chair! Love that aqua glass too, great accessories for your morning glories!

Dita Maulani said...

Love that metal chair! What a find! I love those morning glories too :)
Visiting you from EBT!