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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making Mannequin Heads or 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag

 Hi guys! It is a bit "8 Heads in a Duffle Bag" around my house lately...although they are not in a duffle bag..they are overtaking my studio..also known as my dining room! I have been working on a new batch of mannequin heads. I know some people get creeped out by dolls  (pediophobia..fear of dolls..who knew? I would have guessed that was a fear of pedophiles) There is also automatonophobia..fear of human like figures such as mannequins, wax figures and one that actually creeps me to type..ventriloquist dummies (EEEK!) There is also coulrophobia..fear of clowns.  I must admit while I don't have a fear of clowns per say..I do have an intense dislike. I do find some dolls to be creepy and while mannequins don't generally creep me, I would not want to find myself locked in a store room full of creepy ones!

So with all those fears, here I go making manni heads. They really do not creepy me out in the least..well..except when I have the whites of their eyes painted and not the irises yet..that is a bit zombie creepy! My kids have gotten used to them over the years...whether they liked it or not!

I had a request for some male mannequins heads so these will be a first for me.

The plasterwork is done except for a bit of sanding.

I prefer them to have a rustic, primitive ,vintage finish.

I am inspired by old mannequin heads like these..I want to experiment with more "antique" finishes on some of these new ones.

I like the serene faces...

I am also inspired by antique santos figures.. they were religious statues used in churches. They were usually painted gesso over carved wood.

I like antique store mannequin heads, ships figureheads, and folk art carvings too. There is so much inspiration out there if you look!

The santos have such peaceful faces  (ok..the glass eyes even creep me a bit!)

These were usually dressed with ornate gowns and their bottom halves were mostly wood "cages" as they were covered by the gowns and never seen.

This one is actually an antique doll..another beautiful inspiration..she reminds me a bit of my sister Jess.

These are a few that I have sold previously. This style was more like a antique store manni..she had a bun and minimal "make-up".

This one was a flapper era gal with heavy make-up.. and a beauty mark!

This one was a red head..

This one has an old fashioned swim cap. 

This girl was a fav of mine. I named her Josephine. She had a base of an old wooden lamp bottom.


I give them multi tonal, textural hair. I was surprised how long ago I sold these..I really need to get back to crackin'!

This one is one of my (sold)collaged mannequin heads. She was collaged with antique book pages, not plasterwork. The hat sold too to a fellow blogger Carol  from It was a pretty one! So my week looks to be spent painting heads..what an odd life I live..but never a dull moment! I'll post them when I get them painted. My your week be productive and your problems few! 'Til next time! Julia

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have the hat on my living room shelf, I love it, I am sure you have seen it in some photo's on my blog. I did not know you made heads! Wow! I think they look great, what a talent. Now, clowns....That is where I draw the line LOL!