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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Butterflies and the Bees

 Hi guys! I was making what I call "twice topped pizza" tonight (a four cheese Freshetta frozen pizza topped with fried sausage crumbles, sauted onion and green pepper and some additional cheese). I needed a pepper so I took a jaunt out to the garden. I took a camera to take pix if I found any. My weedy flowerbed was overrun with not only poison ivy and blackberry brambles, but also with bug life! The echinacea was abuzz with bees. It has literally rained every day this month. I think they were taking the momentary lack of downpour to eat!

 This guy was also fluttering around... a battered Swallowtail butterfly. He is missing a big chunk of wing but it didn't seem to slow him down any!

 Echinacea  (or purple cone flower) was also his food of choice.

He was quite unconcerned with my presence. This photo got the Picasa "vintage" treatment. That big rusty thing in the background is the "lovely" propane tank that stands behind my flowerbed. We don't even use just came with the house! The propane company tried to charge us for it and I told them to come and get the dang thing. They quit sending us tank rental bills and I haven't heard another peep from them! I just capped the top with  a huge upturned copper planter that has turned a gorgeous verdigris green. It is the "elephant in the room" of my landscape..there it lurks.

My garden was pretty cucumbers are almost a complete washout! All the rain has them yellowed and the vines rotted.The tomatoes look not too bad..I need to pick some tomorrow. I did get a nice pepper for our pizza and of course..the zucchini is gargantuan! I also need to pick that tomorrow and start on zucchini bread..and bars..and fried zucchini..and zucchini casserole.. and... *sigh* I only planted 2 plants of zucchini and 2 of summer squash! I do have seeds to do a garden replant. I think I have time for another round of "crops". These will probably die of heat and not enough water! Ah well. Part of my photos of the Atlanta flea market are still trapped on my cell phone, but I should get them off and uploaded this week yet. Stop back! Til then..Julia

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