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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tart tin folk art ornaments

 Hi guys! This is what I made this weekend.. folk art tart tin ornaments to list in my Etsy shop (link at is the studios shop)
 I had made button pin brooches to list in my shop a year or so ago.
 I loved them and did sell a few..but then I got disenchanted about relisting them.
 So they languished until this weekend. I was cleaning and came across a bag of antique (1910-20's) German foil Christmas tree light reflectors. I bought them 2 years ago to "make something with".
 I saw the button brooches sitting there and... lightbulb moment!
 I tried to decide how to back them as they were a bit flimsy on their own. I decided they reminded me of old folk art primitive painted the old "hex" signs Pennsylvania Deutsch farmers used to paint on their barns...or maybe old quilt squares..
 I decided to use vintage metal as a backing as that is something that someone could have made at that time..lots of tin from the tinman..and nothing was wasted when no longer of use!
 So I hammered, snipped and folded....
 And put them together...
 I still need to add some hanging loops before taking their "real" photos. I think these would look good on primitive or modern trees..or top a package..or hang from a window, mantle, chandelier, wreath...
 I loooooove old buttons and I love working with vintage gives such a one of a kind unique look!
 The only bad thing is this is all of this sort of reflectors I until I find more..these are "it"!
 Ahh well..I'm sure I'll find something else to use! Ideas already brewing...
 I also wanted to show you my "country" deck table. I made it from some old pallets (these are unusually sturdy as they are made of 2x4's) My husband's workplace was getting rid of these so he brought some home.He cut one in half for me (I HATE circular saws!!) and I jammed the 2 halves under a whole one. I'm not sure I even screwed this together!
Since I had it laying around, I topped it with an old metal hoosier cabinet counter fit perfectly and will help ward off some of the buckets of rain we have had lately..already over 5" for July! Not bad for a $5 investment! I may eventually snag this top back for an antique cast iron treadle sewing machine base I have to make a table...until then, here it is! I want to buy an actual "adult people" deck set..but then what would I do with all my vintage metal chairs? Maybe I'll paint this and just admit that vintage is the way to go for me! Until next time! Julia

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