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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sock Folding 101

The laundry room used to be the bane of my existence..or one of my banes.. I'd wash and dry and pull out clothes and toss them in baskets to fold "when I had a minute" or "later". My people would also occasionally wash a load and fling the dry clothes willy-nilly onto the floor..Grrrrrr..My laundry room  looked like an archeological dig site! "Here ladies and gentlemen is the sock layer covered by the jeans layer and topped off by the towels layer..note the strata pattern." *SIGH* Then I would get a minute to fold and get in there and fold for an hour..all the while grumbling to myself about my horrible lazy "people". I would really get so grumpy,"Why am I here folding everybody else's clothes? Just because I am the MOM? This stinks!" *Grumbly mumbly*

Then a funny thing happened..well sort of funny and sort of not and really it was 2 things. First I enstated a house rule of,"If you take it out of the dryer, you fold it!" That immediately insured nobody ever taking anything out of the dryer ever again! I also started praying while I folded. First it was sort of to keep my mind off of my lunkhead "people" but it dropped my stress level immediately! Then I started praying for people in my life and problems they may be going through.

Then I started looking around and saying prayers of thanks.."Thank you for my family who wears all these clothes..thanks for my husband's job that neccesitates these work uniforms..thank you for my new washer and dryer..thank you for water and electricity..thank you that we can afford detergent to wash these clothes".

 I go into automatic Mom mode usually knowing in a glance who's clothes are who's(My husband would be totally clueless) daughter has her specific college logo, tiny sexy panties,work scrubs, lots of pink..the other has her college logo,sporty panties,skinny size S clothes, waitress clothes..wilder colors and no pink...the 9 yr old's clothes.. the 3 yr olds clothes.. my husband's clothes..bath towels, sheets and kitchen towels..all sorted and stacked in the hopes they will collect their "piles" and take them to their room. When they tip over I take them to their room and put them on their bed for them to deal with. The socks go in a basket and are still pretty much a crap shoot. I do fold them when I am feeling magnanimous...or the basket gets full!

I sort of dread the day when I am just folding for my husband and myself. I am sure it will be here before I know it! Maybe now I need to start praying for them to pitch in. I do enjoy hanging sheets on the line and even towels although my "people" grumble about the crunchiness of the towels, I just love the smell! These pics are of pretty things I have had for sale previously..I love the pink and frilly. So this has been my rambling post about sock folding..or the lack there-of..just don't get me started on Martha Stewart and her "How to properly fold a fitted sheet"!


AbsolutelyKismet said...

Interesting! I like the prayer aspect - remembering the positive in even the annoyances.

Unknown said...

as a mother, we can never pray too much. but starting at the age of ?, (whenever they can safely reach into the washer without falling in), I made my kids responsible for their own laundry. If they wore it, they washed it. especially now that our washer and dryer are in our back hall, so we cannot have clothes laying around or we wouldn't be able to get in or out of the house. lol. And please don't ask me what their rooms look like. AGHHHH

Duni said...

Funny, I find laundry kind of a "meditative" activity :)
although I must say folding socks (and finding the right pairs) is my least favourite chore!