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Thursday, May 3, 2012

My crazy week and a new junkin' project

Hi guys! This past few days have been crazy! I will save the craziness for the end of the post. First I want to share my latest junkin' project. I got 2 of these beaded old cabinet doors earlier this year. One was in good shape and I put it in my local booth and it sold pretty quickly. This one was missing pieces of beadboard on the top panel. Actually it was the bottom, but I flipped it upside down! I added a piece of thin plywood that I cut to size and painted with chalkboard paint. I screwed it all back together..this was literally in pieces!
I added some antique brass hardware from my stash to the center top and a row of vintage metal lamp edging. This was formerly a circle from a hanging fixture..I just snipped off a piece to fit. I think you can still buy this new. I resisted the urge to add crystals!
I  guess I should add that before I added the hardware, I gave the chipping, possibly lead based paint a good scrubbing and whitewashed it with some white satin based paint to cover the old paint and cement it down a bit. I always wonder/worry about unknown old paint! Any further chipping on this should be minimized. 

Then I decided this needed a couple hooks at the top. I have some vintage hooks in my I decided to make some from vintage silverplate spoons..which I COULD find! I hammered them flat, drilled a hole and attached and bent..viola! I used to use these on furniture for pulls quite often back when I had a shop and was re-doing a lot of old furniture pieces.

The back of the "chalkboard" was unfinished and we can't have that so it got a coat of yummy aqua paint. This was a piece of that new beadboard that just has the grooves..that is what is up with the lines! All ready for the antique show I am doing on Saturday in downtown Clinton, TN.

 The "crazy life" part I alluded to in the beginning of this post was finding out this week that my husband is now diabetic! I have been hounding him for years about his dismal eating habits to no avail. I am parts upset, scared and mad all at once! We will carry on. I have spent the week trying to learn what he can and cannot eat. As I had already went to eating (and serving) only non-processed, low cholesterol meals for me a couple weeks ago when I quit Statin drugs, I was mostly on the right track! Just have to be more careful about carb counting for him. He can just take a pill at this shots. His thyroid was also enlarged and he apparently has hypothyroidism too. I think I was more shook about this than he was! I still haven't convinced him to come to the gym with me...he wants to "do it on his own". I think if I can just get him to try the gym once and he sees how nice it is (air conditioned and pot holes or random animals, humidity, or rain) he might like it and sign up. For now he is walking the driveway.....MEN! So stubborn! On the upside since I started eating non processed and low cholesterol, I have lost 9 pounds without trying in a little over 2 weeks and I am eating more food! So off we go on our new path to better health ..and surprise, surprise..healthy food tastes GREAT! Until next time! (I hope to get some antique show pics taken! Stop back!) Julia


Unknown said...

I love what you did with that. and the idea of the spoon hooks is fantastic. sorry about hubby, but keep sneaking healthy food to him, and he will come around.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Congrats to you for changing to healthy eating habits. We try, but it's hard not to fall off the wagon -- bacon, cheese, desserts! Hearing about your weight loss is inspiration to keep at it though.

Nice job of refurbishing!

AbsolutelyKismet said...

I love the redecorated door! Very creative :)

I have had several adults in my family also diagnosed with diabetes. Try little things at first, "Hey, let's walk around the block after dinner!"