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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in Estate Sale-ing

Hi guys! I am going to share some pics of some things I got while out estate sale-ing this Friday. My partner in crime and "toter" was my 9 yr old son Jaxon. He is out of school for the summer. My 3 yr old grandson Hunter was taken to his other Gramma's house as his mom has a summer job as a teacher's assistant at her college in the chem department. He is HORRIBLE at estate sales unless my husband is there too. I was happy to have Jack's company. He is a nonstop "yammerer" and it was actually enjoyable to discuss such varied topics as what he read in the Guiness Book of World Records book, his baseball team/skills, WWF wrestling and various 9 year old boy topics which usually somehow involve farts or farting! LOL. We drove an hour and got there an hour early and still were number 42. (They hand out line place numbers like a deli) The skuttlebutt was that Number 1 was there at 3am and got his number at 5:30...I am not quiiiiite that dedicated! It is nice to have a "toter" at sales. Usually it is my husband. They let you make a "pile" out by the registers outside, so Jack kept hauling and piling for me saving me time and from missing out on goodies.

I got this group of vintage folky souvenier type dolls. I thought they were interesting and cute in a vintage way. They went to my booth to hang out.

This metal lidded bowl is a dough raising bowl. I have had  3-4 of these over the years. I like that they are a cool large bowl..great to fill with a collection..yarn balls..baseballs...buttons??That would take a bunch as this is a big bowl! Still usable as a place to raise your bread dough..maybe it would help my Ellie Mae Clampett loaves!

I got a few pieces of English brown transferware ironstone. I think the saucers would make great "frames" with a sepia toned photo added to the center!

I got this mirror last week..I got the Victorian style picture hanger (the gold tassley thingie) this week. The medallion clips on picture hanging moulding rail and the covered wire and tassel are for decoration(and hanging).
This had a "birdsfoot" but it was so pretty (and cheap) I couldn't pass it up!It is a cake or sandwich plate..add a paper doily and nobody would be the wiser. I am a sucker for pink roses!

Vintage floral hats..not listed yet.

I got a bunch of vintage aprons. Whilst I was in the gargage, squatched down (it's a word..or should be) digging through a big box of them, Jack came up behind me and loudly whispered, "Mom, you've got a problem!" As I am not a newcomer to the joys of wearing the lower rise pants, I said, "Underwear problem or crack problem?" Alas..he answered "Crack problem". So I told him to stand directly behind me and defend my honor and block the free show. As neither of us can whisper worth a darn everyone in the garage heard what the "to-do" was about and congratulated Jack on being such a good son and gentleman! LOL

                                                 I think these will end up in my Etsy shop.

APRONS!!! Some had some spots that seemed to be more of the storage spot variety. Some were spotless and most seemed if they were sewn and stored in a drawer!

There were 1/2 aprons and bib front aprons. I should have probably bought more!

OK..just a photo totally out of sequence because I can't figure out how to edit the order easily. This was a small ironstone platter that went to my booth and one of my handpainted tables and some of my clockface ornaments.

This apron was vintage and SO Etsy! It is a bib front but had a tiny storage spot I want to get out before looked unworn!

I got these 2 1/2 pint aqua mason jars. These are the bicentennial issue (they re-released these in 1976-ish and they have an eagle medallion on the other side. Original vintage antique 1/2 pint blue Mason jars are usually around $100-$125 each. These sell for $15 each on Ebay...didn't know that when I bought them, but I figured their price was a good one!(I knew they were bicentennial..just didn't know they were worth $15!)
I got a drawer full of old trim, lace, scissors etc. This cute batch is going in my Etsy shop!
A vintage Vera scarf with original price tag still attached..score! I also got another Vera and this silk Schiaporelli..not sure which way these are going yet. This is a cute 1910's-20's button card w/ glass buttons. I also got 2 jars of loose vintage buttons. Some are going in my stash, some are going in my Etsy shop and some are going in my booth. The little square dish is an English brown transferware ironstone butterpat. Darling but a single! At the back is just one of the cutest Japan pincushions I've seen. It is a spinning globe. It is missing a couple rhinestones on the base but I love it. I may keep it or it is going to Etsy.

I got 2 vintage tablecloths. The yellow tulip one is huge! They had more but they were priced out of my re-selling price range.

I got a huge batch of cute vintage baby clothes. They need to be washed and ironed.

Several cute christening type pink.

Adorable baby boy shirts. I may end up making several of these into idea that has been rambling in my brain for a while..perfect for child's room or laundry room!

Poor pitiful crazy curly Shirley! Her dress is faded and her skin is crackled but she is still smiling! This is a large Ideal doll. She will probably end up in my Etsy shop..just keeping her around a bit to creep out my kids! Some dolls ARE creepy, but she doesn't scare clowns.... *shudder*.

Last pic..this was my favorite bright and 60's! I could totally see sporting this at a home cocktail party complete with black capris and high heeled mules, passing out martinis and canapes! Until next time darlings! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow you had me at hats and aprons!! You up!


Unknown said...

lol. I love the whole post, and all the items. Estate sales are great, but I'm a real sucker for Estate auctions...I love the thrill of the bidding battles. heehee