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Sunday, May 6, 2012

                                                     My Saturday Antique Show
Hi guys! This Saturday my husband Ed and I did a local (sort of..55 miles away) antique show. This was the Clinton, Tennessee Spring Clinch River Antiques Fair. We did this same one last year. As you can see, I had my minivan loaded to the gills! Ed had his truck loaded too. As you can also see, we started bright (dark) and early!

We packed the night before and were on the road before the sun came up.
I followed Ed to be sure which turns to take and in case he lost anything off the back! He is a good packer though.
And of started pouring! He had the stuff that the rain wouldn't hurt, luckily.By the time we got there, the rain had mostly stopped and we unloaded our tent and got to setting up.
Our things are more vintage than antique .
An old chest, Heywood Wakefield child's chairs and galvanized chick feeders.
I liked this rusty, crusty little cart..I filled it with vintage garden tools and pots after I took these pics!(and for the wth is that people..that is a Japan elephant ceramic/pottery bank. $4 and it could have been yours! Some of these are my husband's gems)
Most of this sold. I had a pair of these lawn chairs for $75, the tablecloth sold for $15, the wire candle thingie sold for $10 and the new cast dog hook was a leftover from our shop days and sold for $8.
I love this little formica topped 1970's daisy table but it didn't sell for $25. The carved kitties and owl went as did the little oilcan.
A nice aqua Heywood Wakefield chair, feedsack apron and a basket I made from old garden fencing.
The little red chair and the cookie cutters all sold.

The old wire store bread baskets didn't sell which surprised me. They sell quick in my booth so I guess that is where they will go.
One of the old galvanized buckets sold for $12..the taller sap bucket.

The chalkboard door sold right away for $40 and the towel rack hanging on it sold too. We moved the door over by our van to wait for the lady who bought it to pick up later and a couple other ladies wanted to buy it too! I guess I need to figure out a way to make more of those!
Bench, letters, altered bottles...
Stool, Silverplate serving pieces, hosiery box, cool old piano or banquet lamp lurking behind..50's footstool, garden tote and sconce lamps.

A vintage child's camp chair I redid with vintage ticking and some letters..they SAID cabins but here I am reading "canabis" hmmmm..
We had a couple of these chairs and several boxes of vintage letterpress print block letters..sold quite a few of those!

A red painted child's chair and cool aqua spinning stool...

I was surprised this roll up map of Brazil didn't sell (its sideways here) I LOOVE these colors and it was only $25!
The white globe did sell..I love maps and globes! My next post I will share what I saw when I walked (speedwalked) the rest of the show and some things I bought. Til next time! Julia


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

You had some great stuff! It sounds like you did really well. Definitely make more of the chalkboard doors; I'd want one if I were there!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Sounds like a successful day. Wonderful things!

Unknown said...

I remember having a plant cart like that old rusty crust one, lol. You have some really great stuff!