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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting the booth ready for Christmas

I'm dreaming of a Whiiiiite (and pink and aqua) Christmas!
Hi guys! My last couple weeks have been a blur..that's a good thing though! I have been busy with my Etsy shops and also busy getting my local antique mall booth ready for Christmas. These ladies were a partially finished project that I finally completed (after they sat around for a couple months!)
I literally only had to add the white "frosting" on top. These were one of those projects that took waaaay longer than anticipated so I don't know if I will be making more or not!
I do like how they turned out. They did turn out like the picture I had in my head.
That doesn't always happen! These went to my booth.
This was a vintage Estee Lauder powder box I jazzed up a bit with one of my paper flowers.
These were some vintage gold glittered ornaments I upcycled. Of COURSE when I got to my booth I figured out I had left all 5000 of my ornament hooks on my dining room table so they had to go into a bowl!
Ready for your close up?
These are 2 awesome chairs/stools I found last week. The aqua one is a piano that paint!
She looks at home in my booth.
I made these this week..well..altered. The candles were already made I added the decals.
These are some vintage skates I upcycled this week. I love how these turned out!
One of my primitive hand painted Santas.
I found these cute vintage putz houses last week too. They are marked Japan. They are so sweet! The clock face ornaments is one like I have in my Etsy shop. The votive holder is something I decorated too.
I never pass these up and thankfully my husband doesn't either..he found 3 of these last week and brought them home for me to clean up..and distress.
One of my apothecary jars, silverplate and the sweetest little teacup.
I found this antique red and white transfer pitcher this week. It is part of a larger dresser set but I think it is fab on its own.
I found a bunch of pink and blue vintage ornaments this summer..these were marked West Germany. I love vintage ornaments!
I actually made this yesterday. It is an old stool I painted and decoupaged prints of 2 of my photos on top. I like nests and eggs!
I also redid this little bench or table. I painted it and the stain bled through. I liked the look so I left it and sanded the edges and added a decal and a bit of old hardware.
This was originally brass. It has a tiny acorn!
This was the third piece I did yesterday. It was sort of a primitive unfinished bench..not all that old but vintage.
I sneaked outside while Hunter was napping and painted it. I wanted to bypass his "help".
I added some cool decals I made with graphics from the Graphics Fairy.
Tomorrow I will have more pix from the Christmas festival "Small Town Christmas" that our town (Sweetwater, TN) puts on every year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Stop back! Julia


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Wow, you have been busy! Everything looks beautiful!

Angela said...

I love the candles with the decals! Looks like you're really productive this winter~

AsteropeBC said...

You have done so much! It all looks lovely.

Laura's Last Ditch--Adventures in Thrift Land said...

Cute! Your booth looks much nicer than my antique booths ever did!