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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Edwardian corset

Hi guys! For those who do not know me..yes..this is me..LOL. Actually this is my daughter Alexa. She is my sometimes put upon model. I think she actually got a kick out of modeling this. "THIS" is an amazing corset I found this weekend. My online research has narrowed it down to an Edwardian to 1910's corset. I am pretty sure this is its first outing with blue jeans!
Man..I remember having that waist...vaguely. I think it went away after this one was born. Can you imagine having to wear this on a daily basis? It has steel stays..she couldn't even bend over! You would need a maid or husband to help you tighten it up too. I could have pulled it tighter, but I didn't want to break a string by accident.
I tried this on just to judge the size but there was a good 6" gap between the busks in front..I guess it isn't a size 12! Alexa is a 3. There IS something romantic, feminine and elegant about these though!
Usual Lexa goofiness "Oh Rhett..whatever shall ah do?" Lexa was born and raised in TN but has her parents' Midwest accent..doncha know. I have other weekend finds to share once I get some pix taken..stop back! *munches brownie and sips huge cup of french vanilla coffee and wonders where that waistline went* Hmmm.. Hope you have a great day! Julia


Tisha said...

Your daughter is precious. I can imagine the relief when night came and a woman was able to shed this about the ultimate "aaahhhh". Although I'm all for modesty and keeping things in place and jiggless (is that a word?), I'm very thankful women don't have to endure these contraptions anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is too adorable. Did she wear it out in public? Haha. I absolutely love it. Where did you get it, also?

Megan Petersen said...

Oooh, so pretty! I love corsets!

hopeandjoyhome said...

Becca, I got it at an estate sale. She was modeling it for me for pics for my Etsy shop where I plan to list it ( public wearing except the online public!

Sheryl Hastings said...

Imagine how miserable the women must have been in earlier times! And could you imagine wearing those along with all those heavy clothes in the summer heat?

hopeandjoyhome said...

That's where smelling salts and fainting couches came into play!