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Friday, November 4, 2011

Autumn Days

Hi guys! I finally went leaf hunting today! I was hoping for a sunnier day but it was sort of overcast.
Some were lemon yellow.. I took these while waiting for my son to get out of school. I am sure the people idle-ing in their cars were wondring WHAT I was up to..I maaaay have been singing to myself too..
Some were scarlet. I always am in awe of God's creations..and to those of you who may not be believers, marvel in the science of it!

Orange and red....I guess these are maples..or is it oaks?
Red and orange...The colors have been quite bright this fall. A bit late and strung out, but beautiful!
Banana.....I was digging this color combo of yellow and lime with sky blue. If I could figure out how to make a treasury, I would make an ode to this color combo! Does anyone still use the term digging? Jazzed? LOL
School bus yellow...I always liked fall because the leaves peaked around my birthday Sept. 3rd up north in South Dakota where I grew up. They are much later here. I am a sweater girl so I love breaking them back out. Unfortunately THIS autumn I am also a menopause girl so I am putting them on and taking them off every 5 minutes!
These were on my driveway...
These remind me of pointillist paintings..

I keep imagining that I am in the Indian Summer of my life...
But I am afraid I am edging into my autumn!


jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

beautiful leaf pics !!! thanks for stopping by the blog....i was waiting for someone to ask me how i was taking the pics..haha..i actually just held out the aiming..and snapped when i could..i took a billion to get a couple good ones !!

Stela said...

Beautiful photos!! I love when it's overcast because it makes the yellow and red leaves look so bright!!

Scrollwork said...

You have a such a good eye! Had to chuckle about the sweater on-and-off reference—totally relatable!