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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I have been working on lately

Hi guys! And by lately I mean last night and today. I love making things but seem to spend big chunks of my day doing other things..hauling kids to and from school, playing with the grandbaby outside now that it is not 100 degrees anymore..dishes, cooking meals, laundry..aakkk! I spent a good chunk of this morning working on my Etsy listings trying to make them more "relevant" for the new search. So this afternoon I made this ^^^^^^^^
I took a vintage ironstone platter from my antiques/ vintage booth that was languishing and collaged and stamped on some French-y graphics...some mine and some from the Graphics fairy. This looks cute on MY wall..I almost hate to sell it!
Last night I was working on altered candles. I'm not sure if these things are ending up in my Etsy shop or my antiques booth!
Fronts...I did not make the candles, just added the graphics!(although I probably still have molds, wax and wicks someplace from former crafty projects!)
Backs..I got into my antique sign makers stamps for this part! I have little cello bags "someplace" that these would look cute in w/ a vintage ribbon.... no clue where they ARE but that is no surprise to me! Hope you are having a productive day! Til next time! Julia

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Amanda said...

I LOVE the candles! I have no idea how you made them, but man, they are so nice. And unique. In all the blogs/etsy shops I follow I've never seen anything like them! (That may reflect on me living under a rock, but if you could just believe the unique statement, that might save my dignity.) :)