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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somerset Life's Newsprint Challenge

Hi guys! This is part two of my submissions to Somerset Life magazine. I showed my tart tin ornaments yesterday. This challenge was for items made from newspaper. I make a lot of paper flowers and roses so this was a good fit for me. I love making roses out of alternative paper. I have used maps, monopoly money, dictionary pages, sheet music..newspaper was not a big leap! I never really noticed how much color is in your average newspaper. I sorted my petal shapes into piles according to their color, black and white for some and the more colorful ad pages for others.
I varied the sizes of the roses also.
Then I arranged them on a cardboard ring shape until I had a pleasing arrangement. Then out came the glue gun.
I alternated colorful ones with black and white and little ones next to big.
I felt it needed leaves and I thought since it was already an unconventional wreath, that black leaves would look sharp. I gave them white "stitch lines" with a white gel pen to give them a bit of extra "pop". It seemed modern yet old fashioned at the same time if that makes any sense!
It is funny what different light and background can do to a photo. This was on my dining room wall..I like the direct sunlight shot better, it's much clearer.
I also made a paper bloom out of the comics, sports section and sudoku section.
I added vintage buttons to the center and black leaves to this also. This has a pinback, but could also easily have a clip back or magnet depending on where you wanted to use it. I have made similar blooms to these in my Etsy shop before. I love layering vintage papers of all sorts. I am into Dr. Seuss-like flowers! The wreath was sort of a first, now I need to make some for my shop. Here's to unconventionality! Hope you have a great day! Til next time! Julia


Ink Five said...

Your Roses are fantastic! Love them!

Amanda said...

Wow those are so pretty!

Kristal@QuirkyEssentials said...

Those are so beautiful! So glad I stopped in :)

13 said...

thous are really really wonderful!! I make a lot of reclaimed silk tie flowers, and all sorts of other odd things. I'm tipping my hat to you my dear!! <3 <3!! e.

Anonymous said...

You should show how your made them.