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Monday, August 29, 2011

Upcycled Magnet Board Chalk Board Shabby Chic and French Farmhouse Trays

Hi guys! These are a spin on my smaller tin tray chalk boards.They were formerly green vintage metal trays that I snapped up this summer in South Dakota.
I added a swag I made out of vintage chandelier crystals and acrylic iridescent beads. Chandelier roping or old rosary parts (good Catholic girl here..won't break up a good rosary!) would also work...I just didn't have enough! I made the little links out of brass head pin wire. All my former dental lab retainer wire bending skills have not gone to waste! (My mom always says no knowledge is wasted and I am beginning to believe that!)
I color copied some sweet vintage wallpaper I have..much easier to work with the new paper than the old fragile "roll-y" wallpaper. I love these rosebuds!
I added a hanging bow of vintage taffeta ribbon and a mother of pearl button sewn to the middle to keep the bow from coming untied.
On this one I added graphics from the Graphics Fairy and some from my own stash and some stamped images.
This one has a Marie vibe.
I made these magnets from stacked mother of pearl buttons..I sewed them first, I hate glue showing through the holes. Of course I couldn't find any white thread but I did have some lightweight crochet thread that did the trick. Is it just me or are sewing needles eyes getting reeeaaallly small?
This one is for the French/White/Romantic/ Shabby Chic/Swedish lovers. I am a sucker for crystals!
I painted little scrolly bits around the covers any less than perfect areas where the white and chalkboard paint meet. My grandson Hunter (age 3 now) "helped" me spray these. He chased baby kitties on the carport and I don't think he quit talking once and actually flung his stuffed monkey over my head at one point! Such help! This ribbon is Swedish grey.
This one is aqua because I looove aqua~
More magnets.. I love MOP buttons too..the iridescence is so pretty! I have a big glass canister..or 2...of vintage MOP buttons. These are not that old but very pretty!
Robins egg yummy!
This is one I did awhile back. I made this from a very shabby,ornate, peeling silverplate tray.
The edges are so heavy I can't drill through them! I guess this one will be displayed on a plate rack. A fab menu board! Some of these are going to my booth and some to my Etsy handmade shop (hopeandjoystudios)..I haven't decided which way yet. If you fancy something, let me know and I will be happy to reserve list it for you. Thanks so much for stopping by! Til next time! Julia


Pamela Bates said...

Loving the last one the best!!! gorgeous. even if you can't drill through it. that first one is too sweet for words!

glad to have found you via etsy blog team.


Stop by the Muse!

SibStudio said...

What a great idea for reusing old trays! I love both of the chalkboard paint trays !

Duni said...

You're so talented! The pink one is right up my alley. LOVE IT!!

J.Crabbit said...

Great Idea making them from metal so they will work with Magnets. love it.