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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Somerset Life's Tart Tin Challenge

Hi guys! I loooove the whole group of Stampington's Somerset magazines! They are total eye candy and inspirational. They are $15 each so I have to control myself a bit. If you are not familiar, go to their website at and prepare to spend some cash! They have back issues and faboo art their site. of my goals for this year was to submit something to one of their wonderful magazines. I saw the tart tin challenge in Somerset Life and figured it was right up my alley. I made a bunch of tin ornaments last year when I ran across an old stash of vintage tin can lids at a sale. Old tin is much shinier than new. Alas, I used up my supply! Earlier this spring, I got the idea to substitute old tart tins for the lids. I already had some of these made when I saw the challenge posted in their magazine! Yay! Anyways..the basic instructions are that I hammer the tins flat, snip them with tin shears ( an accident waiting to happen..cut tin is as sharp as a knife!) and bend them to the shapes I want. I add old photographic images from my stash (one of these is also from the Graphics Fairy) glitter, beads, old chandelier prisms and vintage metal Christmas tree reflectors on some for a pop of color. I finish them off with a vintage taffeta ribbon to hang.
The tart tin theme made me think of the old nursery rhyme"The Queen of Hearts" so that is the direction these ended up going.
This guy is cuuuuute! He looked like a lady's man so I dubbed him the Knave of Hearts.
I found an interesting button in my stash to incorporate.
This little guy's image is from an antique tintype I have. This one reminded me of some sort of antique memorial piece. I added antique German text from a bible study book and a polymer textured heart bead I made.
I hand tint all my images to add a bit of color.
I have 2 Queen of Hearts, this is the French one..
This is the Graphics Fairy image.
The other Queen of Hearts..
I really like this pic. I found her in an antique store in South Dakota last year.
These are more Asian inspired.
I have some antique Japanese cabinet cards that I love to "play" with.
Different shaped tart tins make a different shaped final piece.
She is one of my favorite images..I love her parasol.
I made this flower brooch clip to top my package that I put the ornaments in. I love making flowers from alternative materials. The center is an orphan vintage Weiss earring and the "leaves" are mercury glass Christmas garland beads. I wrapped my box in color copies of playing cards and glued a copy of the Queen of Hearts nursery rhyme under the lid. The ribbon was hand stamped with the nursery rhyme text. I wanted it to catch their eye and have noticed from reading the magazine that they appreciate over the top packaging..I should have taken a picture! I don't know if I will get a magazine feature or not but I had fun making these (obviously, I could not just make one!) I feel better for crossing one of my goals off my list too! I submitted a wreath for their newspaper challenge also, and I will post that later. Thanks for stopping by! Til next time! Julia


Beth McDonald said...

Oh wow...those are fabulous!! What a creative way to use the tart tins. I hope hope hope they publish them!! I wish there was a way to vote on it for ya :)

debbi@yankeeburrowcreations said...

these are just wonderful!!!!