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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage map paper mini wreath wallflowers

Hi guys! This is what I was working on today..tomarrow I will probably be back to listing in my vintage Etsy shop. It is hard to juggle! If the grandbaby is uncooperative ( he wants to "help" me take pix) maybe I will do artsy things instead.

These are a smaller version of my vintage map paper wallflower wreaths. These are 8' across.

The centers are a mix of vintage and new glass and pearly beads. The paper is vintage map paper and pronunciation pages from the back of the book. I like mixing the text with the map bits.

There is also a layer of hand dyed aqua crinkled paper petals to seperate the inner petals from the outer wreath...I think it gives it a pop of color.I want to do these in other colors. I amazed my hubs by not glittering the edges on them..(I have a bad glitter addiction!)These are made to hang on the wall but you could add a ribbon and hang them anywhere. These are my daughter's fingers are now bright looks like I choked a Smurf or something! The 2 yr old was NOT amused w/ Nina's blue fingers and demanded that I get it OFF! It may fade with dishwashing..I just despise using gloves. Blue flowers are a rarity in the natural world but not in mine! Hoping you day is filled with cheer! Til next time! Julia


Zootastic Mimi said...

This is truly absolutely beautiful! So creative and so fun! I love the addition of the hand dyed crinkled paper. Makes the whole flower pop!

FabricFascination said...

Very cool wreath. I especially like that you are using recycled maps.

Donna said...

Oh, so lovely! Your creations are beautiful! I love that they are made with maps and book pages.