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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I have been noticing things budding and blooming around town and itching to get pics but it pretty much rained every day last week! Yesterday the clouds parted . I spent the morning estate saling and on my way home I snatched a couple pics. It was so sunny, I could hardly see what I was taking pics of... I just pointed and clicked!

This first one I think is a Bradford pear tree. The one in my yard isn't this far along yet. I spied this one by the church we have cubscouts at the night was so pretty! All fluffy and white.
This one is forsythia. These are so bright neon yellow..always one of the first shrubs to bloom. It was like my camera could not even capture the yellowness of this! I have always meant to plant a couple of these..I have not accomplished it yet!

I'm not entirely sure WHAT this tree is but it is absolutely breathtaking. Those flowers are the size of my hand and they are such a gorgeous pink! They are shaped like magnolias, but my magnolia is evergreen and this tree sisn't have any leaves yet. I spent this afternoon watching my daughter play softball in Kentucky. She is a senior in college..seems like she was just in T ball! It was beautiful. They got beat but she had a good hit and some excellent catches in center field. It was breezy but warm. My condolences to my sisters , friends and parents in South Dakota..they were hip deep in snow last week! Hoping Spring is on the way for you too! Until next time! Julia


Jodi Chapman said...

So pretty! The last tree has been one of my favorites for years! If you find out what it's called, please let me know. Beautiful! :)

Nuckin Futs Knitting Nerd said...

For keeping such a great blog I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award!

For explanation please see my blog. :)

Have a great day!