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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roses and Lilacs

As I told y'all in my last post, my lilacs are blooming. I was all ready to get some to bring in for vases and we had 3 days of cold and rain! I finally got some yesterday afternoon! My husband and I also went estate sale-ing this weekend (the only kind of sailing we do!) I got some pretty antique and vintage rosy china pieces. I am a total sucker for roses..especially pink ones! This is a sweet little creamer...
And the "matching" sugar..they do match, but they have different rosy decals!
These were on an antique celery dish. Celery used to be considered a luxury and it merited its own dish! So pretty!
These were the lilacs. I couldn't decide on the vase so I did 2. This one is a vintage (probably McCoy) matte white urn shaped one. I looove these. This one holds flowers and when it is cold, it can hold vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments, shells or my mother of pearl button collection.
I am a former farm girl so these old blue canning jars always hold a special place in my heart. On the Etsy forum I frequent, today we were reminiscing about canning and all the canned goodies we remembered growing up. I need to dust off my jars and get to canning this summer! I guess first I need to get my garden planted.. lol. I hope you are not like my sisters and still looking at snow and your day is coming up roses! Until next time! Julia

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mary scott said...

I love your "stuff" - we have identical taste. I have little white buttons in small jars including my late mother's little jelly canning jars with rusty lids. I also put a whiyr votive candle in a clear depression glass relish/candy dish surrounded by white & old glass buttons - I don't burn them. And I love to fill a blue canning jar with some fake snow topped by old shiny brite balls. And I have several McCoy pots/vases. Love your photos and blog ----