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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunrise, Sunset...

This was the view out of my bedroom window the other morning..the sun was rising in the east and this is the western sky..all pale lavender..
Sunset the same night out of my kitchen pretty! I should've had my camera this morning when taking my son to school. The sun was rising and the clouds looked like pink and grape cotton candy in a peachy sky..the Lord does good work! Today I opened all my windows and let the breeze blow through. I washed my sheets and toted them to the clothesline..only to find it had been unstrung when my husband and his buddy moved our shed earlier this spring. After some finagling, I had it back up. My 2 yr old grandson was "helping" me. He learned the tough lesson of "clothespins and little fingers don't mix". There was a few tears but his Nina soon distracted him by showing him the "cave" the sheets make when you climb under them while they are folded in half on the line! I am so looking foreward to those sheets tonight! We surveyed my wreck of a garden from last year (I think a blow torch would be handy!) and took a hike down the driveway looking for his momma's cell phone which she thought she had put on the top of her car and drove off with last night. No luck finding the phone (which tells me it is hiding elsewhere) but we did spend time throwing pebbles in the puddle at the corner of the driveway. Who needs toys or 'toonies..just give a 2 yr old a puddle and some rocks and he is happy! Hoping you all had a great day too! Til next time! Julia

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