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Monday, December 8, 2014

New Projects Upcycled metal Santos crowns

Hi guys!  have finally moved on to some new projects. I have had these crowns rattling around in my brain for EVER. I try to sleep at night and my brain goes into crown design mode. I FINALLY got a few made..and many more to get out of my head and into reality!
 I make these with old and new metal, old and new rhinestone bits and pearly beads and German glass glitter.

Some also have vintage chandelier prism bits as the back of this one does.

 I am inspired by vintage and antique Santos crowns. Santos crowns are the ones that were worn by the saint statues or "santos" in older Catholic churches. I think this one is my fav of the 3.

 Mine are worn by one of my vintage doll heads. By the way I went vintage hunting this week and got a boxful of old creepy composition dolls that are going to be making their way into my Etsy vintage shop. My kids would say "creepy" but I think they are pretty cool...ok..a couple are a bit creepy! LOL. They are all tragically damaged in some way and I plan to.. erm..behead them. If they were in good shape I certainly would NOT do that! Some are missing an arm or leg..there is crackled paint and a couple cracked noggins..time for them to be upcycled into wonderfulness! (What are you doing today Julia? Ohh..beheading dolls and amputating limbs!) Never a dull moment in my life...I hope the dolly Criminals Minds crew doesn't show up!

 This was the first one I made..It took me days to figure out how to make those little metal flowers on top!
I love bling. This is why I am tired in the morning..I toss and turn at night designing things in my head! More to come..but first I need to get my tree up and Christmas baking done! 'Til next time! Julia

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