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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Empty Nest

 For the last 6 years, I have taken care of my Grandbaby Hunter while his mom was in school, in college, at work. They lived at home with us. When he was born I closed my antique mall of 10 years to stay home with him. I had taken my son Jack to work with me every day from 3 days old to when he started school, Jack had just started kindergarten when Hunter was born. I was burned out of 7 days a week for 10 years and decided it was time for a change. I closed and went online and helped raise Hunter. He was my daily "helper"

 When he saw me taking pictures for my Etsy shops and EBay, he'd come over and say, "Me Nina! Me!" So I have tons of pics of him.

 Sporting cookie face..because Nina's let you have cookies for breakfast..

Helping me with my outdoor shots..

 He loved to help me paint my much I'd try to sneak and do it when he was napping..shame on me!

 He loved to help me edit photos and we would have to edit his pics in Picasa too.

 My blog photo assistant..

 The last 2 years he went to pre school 2 days a week which helped both him and me as we both knew that eventually, he'd be moving and it helped us ease into it a bit. His momma graduated from college and started grad school in August. They moved out and now are 40 miles away instead of underfoot and bossing me around.."Nina! I. need. coffee!" (chocolate milk) He is now in kindergarten and happy and doing great.

His momma is engaged to a great guy who adores both of them and Hunter loooves Shane. While I am not totally home alone, as we still have our 12 yr old son Jack, things have definitely changed around here! I suddenly went from having Alexa to talk to about "girl topics" to living with 2 guys and being the only "girl". SyFy and ESPN channels have taken over! I miss my little man like crazy, but I am glad that he has flourished  and is so happy and healthy and loved. I do sneak up to see him if it gets much over a 10 day-2 week span without some Hunter snuggles!

 So on I days have changed but I seem to have a new assistant...

Daisy has now moved up the ladder to fill the position. She edges in while I am taking photos.."Me! Me!"I am in the process of taking over my daughter's bedroom as a studio (my downstairs space was too removed and I hated it down there!) and I will be sharing pics soon. 'Til next time! Julia

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Anonymous said...

So cute! My studio "help" right now is my cat. She doesn't edge into my photos so much, but she does like to steal my chair whenever I get up!