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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New studio and new projects

 Hi guys! Since my daughter moved out, I have decided to turn her room into my new studio. I had space down in the workshop that I had planned to redo, but I hate being down there for longer than it takes to run something through the scroll saw! It is too removed. I thought I was going to repaint her room white, but then I remembered..oh yeah..I really don't LIKE white walls! I like them when I see them in a magazine, but they are so not me. I remember when she picked this color for her room I was a bit dubious, but it really is cheery and energizing..and I need all the help I can get!

 So I have begun dragging all my boxes of stuff from rooms and closets and my poor dining room where I had been doing most of my work up to the new space. I plan to leave the bed for when kids come for a visit. My box pile is actually deeper than this I have sorted through them and made piles of categories of boxes of "stuff"..vintage papers, metal, fabric, altered art have a LOT of stuff!

 The closet is my new sewing area. I have 2 enamel top kitchen table and a mission oak era desk of Ed's gramma's as work art deco bar holding some of my fabrics, vintage suitcases for vintage papers. I have 2 huge cabinets to drag up there yet too. My "infra structure" is all vintage and antique pieces that are either family pieces, left overs from my booth that wouldn't "move" or pieces like the art deco bar that used to hold my clothes and undies in my bedroom for years! The sewing desk is one I painted years ago and my daughter used as a mine again.  think I paid $20 for that and the chair once upon a time! It is pretty messy up there right now and I have told my husband it is going to get worse before it gets better! He bought me a small TV for my BDay to put in here. It really helps get me up there in the morning knowing I can have my favorite programs keeping me company in the background.

 I have had some requests for sold items in my Etsy shop so that is what I have been working on lately. I had a request for my clockface ornaments, so I filled the order and made more to list.


 I can never make a couple of anything..I have to make a dozen..or 3..or

 I make these with layered images of antique clock faces from my own collection. I need to display the actual faces in my new studio!

 Sorting through my fabrics, I ran across some old feedsacks and lots of vintage fabric so I have been making a few pillows. This one sold 2 hours after I listed it!

 This is a tall one. I like this one because Aberdeen is 40 miles from my hometown of Redfield, SD. Some of these have such fun graphics!

 This I made from a vintage wheeled cart frame I had and a vintage cement sack from Chattanooga/ Signal Mountain TN..just down the road a bit from where we live now. The sides are Waverly checked fabric. Cool for a laundry room or to wrangle toys.

 I had a gallery shop in Louisiana approach me about making some of my religious themed tart tin ornaments for her I some more of the ones I sold out of last year.

 I make these with vintage tart tins and vintage and antique lighting pieces.

I add images of antique prayer cards from my collection, German glass glitter, and vintage and antique crystal chandelier prisms from my stash. I always look for those when I am out at an estate sale! So..that is a bit of what I've been up to lately...more to come! Stop back and see me again! Julia


Unknown said...

I love that vintage laundry cart...and your new space looks great. enjoy.

Mary Marcotte said...

I can't choose a favorite, but I do love those religious pieces! That green can't help but cheer up a person. Be sure to post pics when it's all finished.