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Monday, November 25, 2013

Upcycled Vintage roof tin, antique hardware and chandelier prism hearts Flea Market Hearts

 Hi guys! I have been busy this past week working on more bottle brush trees for my Etsy shop (you can see them now in my Etsy mini in the upper right corner of my blog..when I list more things they may move down the totem pole and disappear from my mini but will be in my shop). I have glitter and mica allll over! People tend to give me a puzzled look in public..I think they are trying to figure out if there is a stripper retirement home around here someplace! LOL. I spent some time Saturday making lemonade out of lemons.

 I got a batch of these old shabby wonderful tin roof tiles in February at an antique auction in frozen Indiana. I had them for sale hoping others would "get" their cool factor and possibilities.

 As my friend Debbie likes to say, "Sometimes you have to draw those dots reeeally close together!" I said the heck with the dots..I'm just going to draw the picture! The tiles are approx. 10" x 14". I cut a pattern that would utilize the most of the tile as possible..2 large hearts tip to tip and 2 small ones squeezed into the sides.

 I added antique brass hardware bits. These are a couple of the 100's we got in SC a couple weekends ago. I am saving the complete ones to sell and I am crafting with the "bits". I may list some of the bits also..I can only use so many..right? (They make me all "hoarde-y")

 I added vintage crystal chandelier prisms from my stash. The tiles have a shabby silvery aluminum paint that reads as pearly white..and of course the wonderful bare metal and rusty bits showing through here and there!

 I gave the small ones vintage keys (brass) that I had verdegris-ed. (Use vinegar and salt solution..spray and sprinkle with more salt)

 I added rusty wire scroll-y handles and dangles of vintage crystal chandelier prism buttons and vintage pearly beads from my stash. I got a spool of wonderful rusty wire at an estate sale this summer. People probably think I am nuts to get all giddy over rusty wire but... I love that these have the rusty/metal/industrial against the pretty/scroll-y/ girly prisms and pearls!

The key to your heart! These are going in my local booth this week. They are having a big Christmas shindig this Saturday. They will probably end up in my handmade Etsy shop. If you see one you want..just let me know and if it is available, I'll make you a special listing. The small ones are $10 and the big ones are $20. Hope you all are having a productive week!  (Oh I forgot to tell you about all the antique aqua apothecary bottles I got this week! I'll post those next time..check back!) 'Til next time! Julia

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Unknown said...

These are beautiful, I love the way you upcycled them!