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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving snowfall

 Hi guys! It has been sooo long since I grabbed  my camera and headed outside. I actually snapped these on my way to the van to go grocery shopping this morning. My son Jack was sooo bummed that they had today off school because if they had regular school, it would have been called off for "SNOW". LOL..Yes..this tiny dab of snow is enough to get school called off in TN. I of course have to haul out my "When I was a kid in SD, if you could see 2 feet in front of the bus there was school" stories. (Totally true!)

The holidays tend to make me feel a bit blue.We are 18 hours or more away from our family in the Midwest. We have been here in East TN for 25 years now. We have spent a couple holidays "back" but my husband generally can't get time off in November or December. So while I listen to my sisters "talk" on Facebook saying things like "I'll bring the buns, I'll bring the dessert!" I get to make the whole shebang!

 I do feel blessed though. I have a wonderful husband and kids. When I load my van after grocery shopping, I always say a prayer of thanks that we have money to BUY food and that it is so easily available.

I do love snow in comes and goes quickly! This is an old barn cupola I have over our well head.

                           Fresh snow can make almost anything prettier!

 It even improved the looks of my disastrous wash out of a garden. We got so much rain this year, it got drowned out! My cucumbers yellowed and died  and my tomatoes rotted on the vines. Oh well..maybe next year!

So today I took a moment to see the Good Lord's improvements to my landscape and to give thanks! Hoping you all (or as they say here in TN..y'all) have a great, restful, thankful Thanksgiving! Til next time! Julia


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you have snow in Tennessee and we don't in upstate New York! It odes make everything look so peaceful and pretty.

byTheArtBug said...

Lovely Pics! Happy Thanksgiving:)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm originally from Minnesota, goodness snow never shut school down, of course it all depends on what the state is used too and the plowing equipment available. I agree though, it sure makes everything look pretty. How difficult for you to have your extended family so far way at the holidays.