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Monday, November 11, 2013

My weekend finds Antique baby dresses, dolls, wicker perfume bottle and a sock monkey!

 Hi guys! Some new finds from an antique sale this weekend (and a couple things that have been languishing around the house) I love vintage and antique baby dresses. The one above is a sheer circa 1950's sweet! I like these just for decor as I have no small girls anymore.

 This is a vintage or antique silk baby jacket. It is so lightweight and yet has gorgeous details.When we got to the antique sale I was rather unimpressed..I just didn't see much that was for me. I did spy these though and was the high bidder! I did find a few gems mixed in with the stuff I didn't I guess you never know!

 I am a sucker for the fine details..entredeaux and the embroidery.

 It is sheer and super lightweight but lustrous! (Hem detail) The small mother of pearl buttons have chain stitched loops instead of buttonholes.

 This one is my fav. All cotton eyelet lace and pleating..I can't imagine dressing a child in this back in the time of so much mud and soot..and hand washing and sad ironing!

 The details are amazing...

 Sigh....I made a christening gown for my children with all the french seams, entredeaux and mini pleats..but I did mine with a sewing machine!

                        It has an inset in the front skirt and ruffles all around the rest..

                                                        Sweet puffed sleeves...

                                                          The back ties closed.

                               It is signed in ink Pritchard 1879 on the back inside !

                                               This one is a bit newer..more 1890's 1900's.

                                                     Again heavy embroidery.

                 The waist would have had a ribbon inserted in the lace beading.

                                                  Ornate puffed sleeves...

                                                        and sweet!

 I also got this cool primitive Chinese checkers board. I love its folk art style.

  I couldn't pass these up! They are Japan bisque dolls. The spare little arms are going to be listed as jewelry parts. I am itching to use them myself, but I have so much backed up already!

                                       There are 2 in this frozen Charlotte style.

 And this older one marked Nippon (Japan) that needs restringing..pretty face.

                              I believe this tiny one was for the doll house.

                                                                  Just so cute!

 This wicker bottle was a great buy. I bought it because I like wicker covered bottles, but I think it is quite old.

 I found out that Johann Maria Farina is one of the oldest perfumeries (started in 1709) and that this was a cologne bottle. It appears to be a handmade bottle and seems to have a hand scripted label which reads Johann Maria Farina gegenuber dem Markt Platz No. 31 which means "across from the Market Square" (or marketplace). The only thing is that all the bottles I have seen online are marked "gegenuber dem Julichs Platz" which is a different address? I found the Johann Maria Farina museum online and e-mailed them my questions so we shall see what comes of it.

 Sock monkey!! My gramma had one of these in her toybox when I was little. She had 14 children so most of her toys were VERY well played with!

 I got this shabby miss a couple weeks ago. She is composition with a stuffed body and unmarked. She is bald on the back of her head (poor baby). Her dress looks to be old feedsack fabric.

 Her face has a sweet Kathe Kruse look. She had a couple companions that are also lurking waiting to be cleaned up a bit before their photo sessions.

 I got a bunch of Raggedy Ann's this weekend. This is a large Knickerbocker. Most of the rest were handmade ones that are going up to my local booth.

This one was a Playskool still in box..a Christmas one that I thought was too new to list as vintage on Etsy, but when  read her box I figured out she is from 1989.A couple of these items will be going on EBay, but most will be available in my Etsy shop in the next few days. I have a ton more to photograph and list so I guess I know what my week holds! Here's hoping you have a productive week too! Til next time..Julia


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I want to shop where you are shopping! I love your finds especially the baby dresses..all in such nice condition! Visiting from Etsy Blog Team

Tina said...

Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
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Tina from the Style Sinners

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Your Invisible Crown said...

Great finds! Your favourite dress is my favourite too, it's gorgeous!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow, Wow...What finds!! I love those baby dresses! I laughed at your comment! What do you mean...Mr Right won't just show up lol