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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Upcycled tart tin Christmas ornaments Folk

Hi guys! This is what I have been working on this week! I really like working with vintage tin. I started a couple years ago whe I bought a box that contained a stash of vintage tin can lids and some partially made vintage tin can Christmas ornaments..and off I went. Vintage tin cans were actually tin and much shinier than new "tin cans". This ornament is a fav..I like the folk art vibe.

 The next year I used the tops and bottoms of my grandson's powdered baby formula cans..shiny metal. Last year I used vintage tart tins..and this year vintage brass light fixture pieces! I always have an eye out for vintage metal that I can repurpose. This one has a vintage Christmas light reflector incorporated and a vintage earring center. They all have vintage and antique crystal chandelier prisms on the those!

                                       This year quite a few have a religious style.

                                        But some are more 'holiday neutral"..

                            These are star or snowflake or flower shaped..I never can decide exactly!

This one has a vintage brass hardware bit and an old single mother of pearl earring..I am hoping the "gold" on this earring is brass and not actually gold!

 I am inspired by antique American folk art motifs, Mexican folk art, icons and religious art.

This one is also a fav..I like the pale colors and the vintage pearl beads.

I also used beeswax to seal the images instead of varnish this year. This one has vintage gold mercury glass Christmas beads. I also add tiles of text to some. I believe this one says "adoration".

                                This one is Saint Rose of Lima,but she has a very "Madonna" look.

 I used a lot of old prayer card images..I love vintage prayer cards and buy them when I can.

                                                        I love the shape of this one.....

                     More vintage pearl beads.. they go well with the old brass.

 I love using old vintage things as gives you such a unique product and I find it inspirational to have to work with what you have.

                   I like this one too..I embossed a heart into the middle of the tart tin center.It has a very Mexican or Southwest folk art feel.

 This one is simple but also a fav..I love the patina on this looks like an altar item.. not surprising since I am Catholic and loved going through my Grandma's prayer card collection..which was lost in the shuffle of time. I would LOVE to have that and her button tin which I also used to play with and sort through! (Maybe that's why I have such a vintage button "issue"!)

On this one I used an image from The Graphic's Fairy..a Regency era lady. She had a sassy, daring expression so I added the word "daring" to the ornament. This is feathered brass and feathered, colored tart tin.Very Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy..

I also used some images from my stash. This is an Art Deco flapper era lady. I added the words "wishful wonder" to this..2 emotions that as a child, Christmas brought out in me! Next I need be listing vintage in my vintage is a juggling act! On the homefront, my husband had the week off and has been doing projects around the house. He (finally!) replaced the shower head in my is fab! No more slow drizzle and having to re enact that North Pole Shower scene from Elf! Hope you have a productive week. We will be trick or treating tomorrow and hoping for no rain..I'll TRY to remember my camera. 'Til next time! Julia


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I'm catholic too and I so remember the prayer cards, the nuns would give them to us in school for good work. The more prayer cards you had the better! I was trying to pick an ornament that I liked, but I love them all, especially the religious themes


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I had to stop back and tell you that I had to have a laugh at your story of the horrid show you did...I guess it will eventually happen to everyone if they do shows long glad we can laugh about it!